2014: The year police brutality went viral


Patriot Rising - As 2014 draws to a close, we can’t help but conclude that cops looked pretty bad this year. With the nation struggling to reconcile a lack of indictment for the killing of Michael Brown by police officer Darren Wilson in Ferguson, Mo., or the strangling death of Eric Garner by NYPD officer Daniel Pantaleo, arguments about militarized law enforcement and structural racial bias in the justice system reached a fever pitch. But Brown’s death wasn’t caught on video, which left the door open for doubt, theory, and epistemological evasion.

 December  6    2014
 How Every Part of American Life Became a Police Matter


From the workplace to our private lives, American society is starting to resemble a police state.



motherjones - If all you've got is a hammer, then everything starts to look like a nail. And if police and prosecutors are your only tool, sooner or later everything and everyone will be treated as criminal. This is increasingly the American way of life, a path that involves "solving" social problems (and even some non-problems) by throwing cops at them, with generallydisastrous results. Wall-to-wall criminal law encroaches ever more on everyday life as police power is applied in ways that would have been unthinkable just a generation ago.

 December  4    2014
Study: Brazilian cops killed more than 11,000 people in 5 years


An average of six killings a day...



InfoWars  Brazilian police killed more than 11,000 people between 2009 and 2013 for an average of six killings a day, a public safety NGO said Tuesday.The study by the Sao Paulo-based Brazilian Forum on Public Safety said police nationwide killed 11,197 people over the past five years, while law enforcement agents in the United States killed 11,090 people over the past 30 years.“The empirical evidence shows that Brazilian police make abusive use of lethal force to respond to crime and violence,” the report said.There were 416 people killed last year in Rio de Janeiro state, giving it the highest per-capita rate for 2013.The study also said 50,806 people were killed in all homicides last year, about one person every 10 minutes.

November   14  2014

Cops Gone Wild Domestic Terrorist Edition Full Documentary HD



US Police State.
We are being conditioned for martial law.
My goal for sharing this is not to promote hate for law enforcement in general, but to open your eyes to the militarization of your police force and the brutal mentality of many officers that are sworn to protect and serve. When police are armed as if they are in a war zone, they are apt to act accordingly, viewing citizens as the enemy.
We have a right to assemble in peaceful protests and not be gassed, shot or told that it is an illegal assembly.
We have a right to protect ourselves from illegal search and seizure and warrantless home invasion.

October 30  2014

High Voltage: UK police tasers target mentally ill and minorities



British police are criticising Home Secretary Theresa May after she ordered more checks of the use of tasers.
That's amid concerns that officers often use the device to stun mentally ill people and ethnic minorities

October 26  2014

 German Police Fired 85 Bullets All Year, US Police Use 90 on 1 Person




Following up on German police firing only 85 bullets in all of 2011.
--On the Bonus Show: Interview debriefing,city bans texting while walking, American Airlines unlimited pass canceled, more.
The David Pakman Show is an internationally syndicated talk radio and television program hosted by David Pakman

July   16   2014  
Why Do Cops Hate Being Videoed? If They're Not Doing Anything Wrong What's The Big Deal?  



June 03, 2014 Al Jazeera News  

June  6  2014 
 'Interpol systems being abused by govts across world'



Failing to make a payment on a loan can now put you on Interpol's wanted list. Two people with British residency have found out the hard way, after accidentally defaulting on a financial agreement while working in the Gulf. Basically, an unpaid check was enough for the Arab state they were working in to get the global police agency on the case. The NGO Fair Trials International has written to the force's Secretary General about the issue. Libby McVeigh is with the charity for more.

May 24 2014  

400 Rio Robocops Set To Patrol World Cup 



400 'Robocop' style military police set to patrol the World Cup in Brazil next month closely resemble the cops depicted in Terry Gilliam's cult 1985 classic film Brazil, in which a totalitarian government rules a dystopian society with a bureaucratic iron fist.

  May 19 2014  

Police Chief: US Heading Towards ‘Police State’ 


RINF  I ran across a piece at This Can’t Be Happening,  that is disturbing to say the least, where not only are police shootings of unarmed civilians discussed, so is the militarization of our local police forces in the US, with statistics that should drop the jaw of anyone reading it.  While those statistics tell a story, perhaps the most damning statements about the US becoming a police state comes from the Chief of Police in Upper Dublin, PA., Terrence Thompson, who states that he understands the need for more powerful weapons to counter the weapons now used by criminals, but points out how SWAT, for example, is being used in a manner that it was not created for and how high powered weapons are being utilized in situations where there is no need



Rio De Janeiro riots turn deadly as protests erupt over killing of professional TV dancer in city slum  

 April  29   2014   

State of Surveillance: Police, Privacy and Technology



  "State of Surveillance" examines new technologies police departments are using to fight crime and the civil liberties concerns raised by these tools.
Law enforcement agencies say that many of the technologies make it easier to solve and, in some cases, even prevent crime. But privacy advocates warn that expanded databases could become dragnets that are increasingly populated with information about law-abiding citizens.

 April  16   2014 

Militarization of the Police Force in the UNITED STATES 



April  4  2014 

NSA Whistleblower Reveals Planned Police State



 David Knight is joined by Former NSA official and whistleblower William Binney to discuss the latest developments on the intelligence agency's domestic spying under the guise of national security.

December 30 2013 

Americans Killed by Cops Now Outnumber Americans Killed inIraq War


thefreethoughtproject.comThe increase in police brutality in this country is a frightening reality. In the last decade alone the number of people murdered by police has reached 5,000. The number of soldiers killed since the inception of the Iraq war, 4489.

What went wrong? In the 19070’s SWAT teams were estimated to be used just a few hundred times per year, now we are looking at over 40,000 military style “knock and announce police raids a year.

The police presence in this country is being turned into a military with a clearly defined enemy, anyone who questions the establishment.

December 27 2013  

War on Democracy: Spain and Japan Move to Criminalize Protests  As might be expected as political and economic policy failures pile up and citizens become increasingly mad, the status quo is becoming increasingly authoritarian (recall blogger “Mish” was just fined8,000 euros for a blog post). In the latest disturbing news from a desperate power structure, the conservative government in Spain has passed an Orwellian bill titled the Citizens’ Security Law, which allows for fines of up to 600,000 euros ($816,000) for “unauthorized” street protests, and a 30,000 fine for merely having signs with “offensive” slogans against Spain or for wearing a mask.

December  4  2013 

US Police Have Killed Over 5,000 Civilians Since 9/11 



MNP Though Americans commonly believe law enforcement’s role in society is to protect them and ensure peace and stability within the community, the sad reality is that police departments are often more focused on enforcing laws, making arrests and issuing citations. As a result of this as well as an increase in militarized policing techniques....


November 13  2013 

The Birth of a Police State: UK Police to be Granted Sweeping New Powers  


 scriptonitedaily.  UK Government is about to pass legislation which will make any behaviour perceived to potentially ‘cause nuisance or annoyance’ a criminal offence. TheAnti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Bill also grants local authorities, police and even private security firms sweeping powers to bar citizens from assembling lawfully in public spaces. The Bill has successfully passed through the House of Commons without issue, and is now in the latter stages of review by the House of Lords, after which it will receive Royal Assent and become Law. 



November 12  2013 

Mass Surveillance and Europe’s Police State



Global Researh  A new study says so. It’s titled “Mass Surveillance of Personal Data by EU Member States and its Compatibility with EU Law.”

Sergio Carrera is a Spanish jurist. Francesco Ragazzi is Netherlands-based Leiden University Professor of International Relations.

They co-wrote the study. They did so with Didier Bigo, Nicholas Hernanz, Julien Jeandesboz, Joanna Parkin, and Amandine Scherrer.


November 11  2013 

Police State Britain


by Stephen Lendman
Britain's Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) operates like NSA. They work cooperatively. They're out-of-control rogue agencies.
They spy on their own populations. They do it globally. They conduct espionage. They collect enormous amounts of personal information. They do it illegally.
Obama wages war on freedom. He targets whistleblowers and investigative journalists exposing government wrongdoing. So does Britain. It equates doing so with terrorism

November  5  2013 

'Bad cop - no donut!' Americans protest against police immunity 




  The fight against police brutality has seen protesters come out across the US. Rallies against the heavy arm of the law were held in a number of cities. RT's Anastasia Churkina went along to one, to find out why people are so angry.

October  24 2013 

Women Forced to Strip at Police Station While Being Filmed — Officials Say Filming Is “Common Industry Standard”


RINF  Nearly two dozen women have reported that they were forced to strip in a Washington police station while being recorded and watched by their male jailers.

“We’ve got dozens of other people calling who had similar experiences in Puyallup [city jail]. We’re sorting through them right now,” Seattle Attorney James Egan told King 5 News.

“I was told I needed to take off all my garments and change into the uniform,” said one woman who requested anonymity.

October  22 2013 

We Live Under a Total Surveillance State in America — Can We Prevent It from Evolving into a Full-Blown Police State?


 Alter NetFor those alarmed by the steady growth of lawless, violent and authoritarian U.S. Executive power for the last 50 years, the events of the past few months have been exciting. The emergence of a de facto coalition of progressives and conservatives opposing the  National Defense Authorization Act law giving the Executive the right to unilaterally detain or execute American citizens without a trial, and  NSA mass surveillance of phone and Internet

September  26 2013 

The U.S. Government Does Not Want Americans To Travel Abroad

Activist Post
No other government on the face of this Earth wants to make it’s citizens more ill-at-ease, deathly afraid, or made to feel so guilty for stepping outside of it’s national boundaries as the United States of America. Rather than encouraging Americans to embrace overseas travel as one of the most educational, enjoyable, and emotionally and spiritually satisfying endeavors that people can undertake in the course of our painfully short lives, U.S. government departments and institutions are notorious for wanting to make even just the IDEA of pursuing international travel as unpleasant and unsettling as they can possibly muster. 

August  13 2013 

Invasion of the foreign supercops: Minister wants Americans to take over British police


MailOnline  Foreign crimebusters such as US supercop Bill Bratton will be given the chance to take over British police forces under radical new plans to be unveiled by Home Secretary Theresa May. And former Army officers will be recruited as police superintendents in an attempt to end the closed shop police culture blamed for bungled investigations and corruption. The changes, set to be fiercely opposed by police chiefs, rip up the centuries-old tradition of only British citizens serving in the police.

January 22th 2013 

Stephen Fry on American Prisons Facts



 Click on the description for all the facts listed here
Stephen Fry on American Prisons, from the TV show QI

January 1th 2013 

532 Taser-Related Deaths in the United States Since 2001


According to Amnesty International, between 2001 and 2008, 351 people in the United States died after being shocked by police Tasers. Our blog has documented another 181 taser-related deaths in the United States in 2009-2012. That means there have been 532 documented taser-related deaths in America.
This blog has been pointing out incidents of police taser torture for quite awhile. The work done over the past few years by Patti Gillman and Cameron Ward continue to be the inspiration for our work. Gillman and Ward documented over 730 taser-related deaths in North America on their blog.
I wonder if anyone cares about the rising use of the taser as a lethal weapon? At least we know that the Department of Justice cares. They issued a report about the pattern of abuse against the mentally ill in Portland that included the frequent, unnecessary use of Tasers

December 18 th 2012 

The shocking future of handcuffs: Police could soon be armed with restraints thatelectrocute prisoners

Daily Mail


Police could soon be armed with handcuffs that deliver an electric shock to arrested people who refuse to go quietly.

A U.S. firm has applied for a patent for a new kind of restraint that can literally shock detainees into submission if they refuse to cooperate. The design is not limited to handcuffs, but also could be applied equally to ankle cuffs, straight jackets, restraining belts, neck collars and even facial restraints.

December 15 th 2012 

Napolitano Announces Expansion of Gestapo Zones from Airports to Malls and Hotels



As we predicted, Homeland Security and national security state officialdom are in the process of expanding the police state and citizen humiliation grid from airports to hotels and shopping malls.

“The United States is stepping up security at ‘soft targets’ like hotels and shopping malls, as well as trains and ports, as it counters the evolving Al-Qaeda threat, a top official said Sunday,” reports AFP.

December 17 th 2012 

Rise of the Global Police State

The data being collected by the NSA, FBI and DHS is being converted to technological weapons against the American public. This surveillance will undoubtedly be used as criminal evidence for trial.

The inception of the NSA-GCHQ ECHELON system with the immensely profitable Surveillance Industrial Complex has become a technologically advanced interception system, as journalist Nicky Hager predicted in 1996.

December 17 th 2012 
When Pitt was in Budapest last October shooting World War Z, an upcoming zombie-thriller, TEK agents seized 100 machine guns, automatic pistols and sniper rifles that had been flown to Hungary for use as props in the movie. The weapons were disabled and came with no ammunition. But the Hungarian counter-terrorism police determined that they constituted a serious threat.
April 24th 2012 
75 Years in Prison For Videotaping Police


December 5th 2011 

The US Senate is About to Declare War on Freedom and the American People


This bill S-1867 should send chill down the spines of all people no matter what the political persuasion is. Senator John McCain, Cal Levin and willing supporter Lindsey Graham who support this bill need to be recalled by their state Legislatures to see if these men are fit to hold office when not in session. Put them on house arrest until a grand jury completes its investigation, never to return to Washington. This bill gives the US Military the green light to arrest American citizens on American soil without being charged or without a trial. The right to Habeas Corpus is no more under this bill.

November 28th 2011 

S. 1253 will allow indefinite military detention of American civilians without charge or trial


A sinister bill has quietly been introduced, so expansive in scope and dangerous in nature that it makes the PATRIOT Act look like the Bill of Rights.

If these provisions are enacted, it would give the federal government the explicit power to imprison civilians, including American citizens, indefinitely with no charges or trial. is would include individuals apprehended both inside and outside of the United States, meaning that this could give the federal government the ability to openly detain American citizens ...

November 27th 2011 

How the War on Terror Militarized the Police


Ever since September 14, 2001, when President Bush declared war on terrorism, there has been a crucial, yet often unrecognized, shift in United States policy. Before 9/11, law enforcement possessed the primary responsibility for  combating terrorism in the United States. Today, the military is at the tip of the anti-terrorism spear.

November 11th 2011 

The US Is Fast Becoming a Third World Police State



As a P.T. (often referred to as perpetual traveller, permanent tourist or prior taxpayer), I have travelled to nearly 100 countries. During those travels there has always been one defining moment, upon entry into a country, which shows that the country is what is generally thought of as a "third world country".

It is the moment when, upon arrival, you are charged a fee to enter the country.

October 28th 2011 

From Naomi Wolf's arrest in New York to shootings in Tucson and Florida, forces face allegations of abuse of power

Officer Michael Daragjati had no idea that the FBI was listening to his phone calls. Otherwise he would probably not have described his arrest and detention of an innocent black New Yorker in the manner he did

October 25th 2011 

Secret US panel OK's killing citizens


A number of top officials in the United States have confirmed the existence of a "secret panel" of senior government officials in the country that can order the assassination of American citizens with no judicial oversight.According to the officials, the panel's recommendations first go through a group of National Security Council officials which consist of cabinet secretaries and intelligence chiefs for approval before reaching the US president who will then make a final decision on the extra-judicial killing, Reuters
October 7th 2011 

New Zealand Is Now A Police State, Too


The Government plans to rush through an urgent law change next week to allow secret filming on private property by police.Prime Minister John Key says that without the change, some "very serious criminals" will go free.Mr Key said yesterday that a law would be passed under urgency next week, after the Supreme Court ruled that evidence from covert filming on Maori land in the Ureweras was unlawfully obtained.

September 21th2011 

One month after major disturbances were provoked by the August 4 police killing of Mark Duggan in north London, the Metropolitan Police in the capital are intensifying raids on working class communities.

Entire neighbourhoods have been sealed off, with riot police smashing down doors and dragging people away.

September 2th 2011 
FBI using GPS to track activists
July  1th 2011 

The Death of American Democracy



 The collapses of the Twin Towers of the World Trade Centre, on September 11, 2001, were the most frightening images that I have ever seen, up until May 24th, 2011, when Binyamin Netanyahu addressed a joint session of the United States Congress and received 29 standing ovations, along with many other outbursts of sycophantic applause.

June  26th 2011 
The militarization of American police–no doubt a blowback effect of the military empire–has become an unfortunate part of American life. In fact, it says something about our reliance on the military that federal agencies having nothing whatsoever to do with national defense now see the need for their own paramilitary units...
June  15th 2011 
Operation Garden Plot
From the Rodney King riots to unannounced "training" exercises over American cities, the US military is being trained to turn the United States into a dictatorship.


Here you see the local police, dressed up like Nazi thugs, lined up military fashion to join the war games. Across America our "peace officers" have transformed into "law enforcers." Whereas the blue and white garbed friendly policeman of the past was someone you might call to help rescue your cat out of the tree or invite in for a cup of coffee, law-abiding Americans now dread a visit from the ski-masked, jackbooted thugs.

June  7th 2011 


Imperialism abroad is destroying what is left of our democracy at home. From warrantless wiretapping to warrantless door-busting, this is what a police state looks like.


The late Chalmers Johnson often reminded us that “A nation can be one or the other, a democracy or an imperialist, but it can’t be both. If it sticks to imperialism, it will, like the old Roman Republic, on which so much of our system was modeled, lose its democracy to a domestic dictatorship.” His warning rings more true by the day, as Americans watch the erosion of their civil liberties accelerate in conjunction with the expansion of the US Empire.When viewed through the lens of Johnson’s profound insights...

June  6th 2011 
More States Create Anti-Whistleblower Bills


Here we go again! If you thought the recent legislation to criminalize those who film or photograph farm activity in states like Florida and Iowa is coincidental, it’s not. Similar bills are in process in Idaho and Minnesota, and other states are considering legislative action as well. Giant corporations like Monsanto are throwing money behind the Iowa version and possibly more in order further secure their “crop operations.”

April 16th 2011 

POLICE BRUTALITY IS LEGAL: Police Officers In ALA Who Severely Beat Up A Suspect Got They Job Back


In Birmingham, Ala on Tuesday the five officers Heath Boackle, Barrett Dewitt, Thomas Cleveland, Kenneth Prevo and David Doran got reinstated to they job. The officers been charged with violating civil rights and fired immediately after a police chase what ended up with a suspect Anthony Warren crashing his car as he tried to enter the highway in Hoover during the chase. Anthony Warren ejected out of his car during the crash.

April 14th 2011 
Patriot Act fails!
February 10th 2011 
Obama seeks longer PATRIOT Act extension than Republicans
Faced with a looming vote on a planned one-year extension of special powers authorized in the USA PATRIOT Act, the Obama White House did not object or propose reforms, as the president vowed to do as a candidate.
The Obama administration instead asked Congress to grant those powers for an additional three years.
As a US Senator and candidate for the presidency, Barack Obama never actually argued for a repeal of the Bush administration's security initiatives. Instead, he's consistently argued for enhanced judicial oversight and a pullback on the most extreme elements of the bill, such as the use of National Security Letters to search people's personal records without a court-issued warrant.
While many in his own party opposed the PATRIOT Act outright, as president Obama has said repeatedly that the emergency measures remain a valuable tool for law enforcement engaged in national security prerogatives
February 10th 2011 
Do We Need the “Next Level” of State Security?



When a university hires a football coach, the athletic director often declares that the new coach will take the team to “the next level.” What the director means is that he hopes the coach will lead State U’s team to a championship or a high-ranking bowl.

However, when Transportation Security Administration head John Pistole told USA Todayhe wanted to bring the TSA to “the next level,”

January 11th 2011  
Elite Openly Flaunts Plan To Turn Cities Into High-Tech Slave Grids


Not content with depicting children being slaughtered in the name of preventing non-existent global warming, climate change alarmists have embarked on a new propaganda campaign lecturing us all about how we will be forced to live in a “planned-opolis,” where car use will be heavily restricted, CO2 emissions will be rationed, meat will be considered a rare delicacy, the state will decide your career...xempt from them.


January  7th 2011  
America's Next Failure: the Police State


Every police force in the nation has cold (unsolved) cases. The War on Drugs has been ineffective for more than forty years. No one knows where a vast number of illegal immigrants even are. The CIA has been unable to locate Osama bin Laden after more than ten years of searching. Your local police cannot protect you from burglaries, drive by shootings, rapes, domestic abuse, or murder—even with the help of most ordinary citizens.

January 11th 2011  
















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