WAR ON TERROR                                             

  5 Companies that have profited from war



What have Standard Oil, IBM, BAE Systems and Raytheon have in common? They have made a LOT of money from war. Find out more in the first video from the new Truthloader team of Ashley and Simon.

  November   23  2014

GCHQ chief accuses US tech giants of  becoming terrorists' 'networks of choice'


New director of UK eavesdropping agency accuses US tech firms of becoming ‘networks of choice’ for terrorists



Privacy has never been “an absolute right”, according to the new director of GCHQ, who has used his first public intervention since taking over at the helm of Britain’s surveillance agency to accuse US technology companies of becoming “the command and control networks of choice” for terrorists.

Robert Hannigan said a new generation of freely available technology has helped groups like Islamic State (Isis) to hide from the security services and accuses major tech firms of being “in denial”, going further than his predecessor in seeking to claim that the leaks of Edward Snowden have aided terror networks.

  November   5   2014

Federal Agencies Just Doing Whatever They Want Now



Antiwar  On October 26, The New York Times published an article on the close ties between the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and ex-Nazis after World War II. This wasn’t news, except for the fact that there were more Nazis poached by the CIA and other intelligence services, then brought to the US, and protected from prosecution than had previously been reported. The number is estimated to be about 1000, but with plenty of documentation still classified, odds are there were still more than that picked up during the short window between Nazis as public enemy number one, and communists becoming the graver menace. 

 November  1  2014

Blacklisted: The Secret Government Rulebook For Labeling You a Terrorist
  The Obama administration has quietly approved a substantial expansion of the terrorist watchlist system, authorizing a secret process that requires neither “concrete facts” nor “irrefutable evidence” to designate an American or foreigner as a terrorist, according to a key government document obtained by The Intercept.

 October 21  2014

Army chiefs tell Government: stop Gulf states funding terrorism


Government urged to put pressure on Gulf leaders into tackling extremism by strangling the funding of terrorist networks and the religious ideology that fuels them


Telegrah UK   Pressure is mounting on the Government to take action against wealthy Gulf states accused of funding Islamist terrorism after the beheading of Alan Henning, the British aid worker kidnapped in Syria.

Two retired generals and a former defence secretary claimed that nations such as Qatar and Saudi Arabia were helping the rise of violent extremism by channelling cash to terrorist groups such as Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (Isil), which carried out Mr Henning’s murder.

 October 6   2014
  The US is now involved in 134 wars or none, depending on your definition of 'war'


The White House spent much of last week trying to figure out if the word "war" was the right one to describe its military actions against the Islamic State.



GlobalPost  US Secretary of State John Kerry was at first reluctant:

"We're engaged in a major counterterrorism operation," he told CBS News on Sept. 11. "I think war is the wrong terminology and analogy but the fact is that we are engaged in a very significant global effort to curb terrorist activity... I don't think people need to get into war fever on this. I think they have to view it as a heightened level of counter terrorist activity."

  September  23     2014 

  Whack'em All: US targets ISIS but leaves Taliban, Al-Qaeda to rise



Iraqi and French Presidents have called on tougher international action against ISIS. Currently America and its allies are working out their next moves against the organization. Washington says several of its Arab allies want to help with air strikes on ISIS in Iraq, while others offered to send in ground troops. While the US has pledged to crush the militants, it is still struggling to contain some less powerful adversaries 

  September  16     2014  

  The Barbaric World that the United States has Shaped Since 9-11



Michael Ratner Report: Destruction of States and the lives of millions through wars and the obliteration of human rights at home and abroad

  September  14     2014 

 UK Police Using Terrorism To Justify Merging Into One Super-Force


 The report speaks of how communities are being asked to snoop on others in the fight against crime and terrorism, in true Big Brother UK fashion



This is the police and the home secretary using this hyped terrorist threat to justify making changes that they are already planning to make. Yet more Problem-Reaction-Solution - the unquestioning mases will look at this and say "well if its going to stop terrorism just do it", whereas, 3 months ago, pre-ISIS and beheading videos, the public might not have been so willing to consider merging police forces etc.

  September  9     2014  

  Drawing Attention: US kids learn of jihad threat through coloring books



As jihadists send their violent message worldwide via social media, a U.S. publisher has hit back with a propaganda campaign of its own. They've put confronting images of crucified Islamic state militants in children's coloring books. RT's Gayane Chichakyan spoke with one of the business's co-founders.

  September  7     2014  
  U.S. General: “We Helped Build ISIS” – Islamic State Obtained Weapons from U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya


During an appearance on Fox News, General Thomas McInerney acknowledged that the United States “helped build ISIS” as a result of the group obtaining weapons from the Benghazi consulate in Libya which was attacked by jihadists in September 2012.


 Hillary Clinton with the “Libyan rebels”. 


Global Research  Asked what he thought of the idea of arming so-called “moderate” Syrian rebels after FSA militants kidnapped UN peacekeepers in the Golan Heights, McInerney said the policy had been a failure.


“We backed I believe in some cases, some of the wrong people and not in the right part of the Free Syrian Army and that’s a little confusing to people, so I’ve always maintained….that we were backing the wrong types.”

  September  6     2014   
     Cashing In On The 'War On Terror'



There's BIG money behind war. Since 2001, the "War on Terror" has done little to end global violence and has cost a staggering 4.4 trillion dollars. So who actually benefits from it's perpetuation, and how are lobbyists and military industrial complex involved? We break down four of the biggest profiteers of the war including defense contractors, weapons manufacturers, private intelligence contractors, and more.

 September  6     2014  

    Saudi King Warns of ISIS Terror in U.S.


Advisory arrives from kingdom after it financed the terror caliphate 



Infowars  King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, the most powerful Muslim in the world, is warning IS, formerly ISIS, will soon attack the United States.

"If we ignore them, I am sure they will reach Europe in a month and America in another month," he told Asharq al-Awsat daily and Saudi-owned pan-Arab Al-Arabiya television on Saturday.

"Terrorism knows no border and its danger could affect several countries outside the Middle East," he added  

  August  31     2014    

  The "War On Terror" Is A Fraud - It Is Not Meant To Be Won, It Is Meant To Be Continuous



Author and historian Webster Tarpley exposes the Orwellian lie known as the "War On Terror" before Orwell's 1984 provides a glimpse into our own age.

  August  28     2014  

  'Moscow, Beijing, Damascus fight terrorism while London & Washington promote it'



The Islamic State has been increasingly turning to social networks. One extremist posted images of a child decapitating a doll in a re-enactment of the American journalist's execution. The caption urges followers to "teach your children to cut necks." Sukant Chandan, an activist and journalist, joins RT to discuss this issue.

August  26     2014     
  London Mayor's Stunning Proposal: "Terrorist Until Proven Innocent"


With all of England on edge because the ISIS executioner of James Foley, known as "Jihadi John" sported a British accent, and who may or may not have been identified as Abdel-Majed Bary, although UK government sources have not yet officially revealed his identity, one person has decided it is time to not waste yet another crisis.


Boris Johnson has called for the supposed British jihadi to be killed. Photograph: John Stillwell/PA 


Guardian  The person: London mayor Boris Johnson who as the Guardian reports, has called for the presumption of innocence to be reversed in cases where Britons travel to Iraq or Syria and said he wants the jihadist who beheaded an American journalist to be killed in a bomb attack. If Johnson's proposal for a "swift and minor" law change passes, any Brit traveling to Iraq or Syria will automatically be branded a terrorist and suffer the appropriate consequences.

  August  26     2014  

  Barack Obama’s Secret Terrorist-Tracking System, by the Numbers


Nearly half of the people on the U.S. government’s widely shared database of terrorist suspects are not connected to any known terrorist group, according to classified government documents obtained by The Intercept.  Of the 680,000 people caught up in the government’s Terrorist Screening Database—a watchlist of “known or suspected terrorists” that is shared with local law enforcement agencies, private contractors, and foreign governments—more than 40 percent are described by the government as having “no recognized terrorist group affiliation.” That category—280,000 people—dwarfs the number of watchlisted people suspected of ties to al Qaeda, Hamas, and Hezbollah combined. 

  August   7      2014  



It’s Not About Fighting Terror, It’s About Having Power


Anti War  As we’ve been told since 9/11, the government needs certain special powers in order to keep us safe from terrorism. The PATRIOT Act, FISA Courts, telecom immunity, theNSA looking at your naked pictures – all of this is made or enhanced in the name of fighting the type of monsters who perpetrated the 9/11 attacks. Certainly the Fourth Amendment can be weakened in the name of that most noble of goals.

  August   3      2014  

  ISIS Leader al-Baghdadi New War On Terror Boogeyman


August   1      2014  

  Israel and the US Have Dropped Bombs on 8 Muslim Countries This Year

Anti War   There are 1.6 billion Muslims in the world today, with 49 countries having a predominantly Muslim population. Of these countries, 4 have been bombed by Israel, and 4 have been bombed by the US this year alone. 

  July   31    2014   



     July   25    2014 

  45,000 SWAT Raids Are Terrorizing Families Every Year in the US




Abby Martin reports on the 45,000 SWAT raids that occur in the US every year, as well as the growing militarization of local police forces, and calls for support of the ACLU's push to have our elected officials oppose the emerging police state.

  July   16   2014  

 U.S. Government Changes Focus In War On Terror: U.S. Citizens Are New Terror Threat!


  July   17    2014  

  In Shadow of ISIS Offensive: France Moves to Curb MEK Terror Group, an Asset of US Joint Special Operations Command Which Hillary Clinton Removed from State Department Terrorist List with Help of Bribed Officials



Tarpley: France Moves to Curb MEK Terror Group

  June  29  2014  

 Inventing Terrorists: US orchestrated most domestic 'terror-plots'?



We all heard of pre-emptive strikes but what about pre-emptive prosecutions? Muslims in the US are outraged by what appears to be Americas latest tactic in its war on terror - entrapping people it suspects might plan terrorist acts in the future. Marina Portnaya explains how almost 95% of convictions for this crime are the result of FBI provocation 

  June  16  2014  

Department of Defense to study bitcoin as possible terrorist threat


A division within the Department of Defense is investigating whether the digital currency bitcoin is a possible terrorist threat.



Fox News The Combatting Terrorism Technical Support Office is spearheading a program that will help the military understand how modern technologies could pose threats to national security, including bitcoin and other virtual currencies, the International Business Times reported.

A memo detailing some of the CTTSO projects states, “The introduction of virtual currency will likely shape threat finance by increasing the opaqueness, transactional velocity, and overall efficiencies of terrorist attacks,” as reported byBitcoin Magazine, according to IBTimes.

  May 6 2014  

 French mother, 33, denied access to the United States for family holiday because ‘the name on her passport sounds like Al Qaeda’



French mother, 33, denied access to the United States for family holiday because 'the name on her passport sounds like Al Qaeda'
A young French mother who was flying to New York via Switzerland for a holiday with her husband and two children was told she not allowed entry to the United States, seemingly because her name sounds suspiciously like Al Qaeda.
Aida Alic arrived with her family at Geneva airport on Wednesday preparing to board a connection to JFK.
However she was told by Swiss Airlines officials that her access to the country had been denied.

 April  28   2014  

Saudi Arabia declares all atheists are terrorists in new law to crack down on political dissidents


Saudi Arabia has introduced a series of new laws which define atheists as terrorists, according to a report from Human Rights Watch.


Image: Prince Fahd bin Abdullah (Wiki Commons).


London Independent  In a string of royal decrees and an overarching new piece of legislation to deal with terrorism generally, the Saudi King Abdullah has clamped down on all forms of political dissent and protests that could “harm public order”.

The new laws have largely been brought in to combat the growing number of Saudis travelling to take part in the civil war in Syria, who have previously returned with newfound training and ideas about overthrowing the monarchy.

 April  3  2014 

5-minute video: US ‘leaders’ JOKE about OBVIOUS War Crimes, war lies, war murder



  American political leaders of both parties are war mongering psychopaths. They do not care about you, your family, or the lives of innocent people. Watch as they laugh and make jokes about suffering and death.

February  10  2014   

US ready if needed for Russia Olympics: Gen. Breedlove


PressTV  US European Command chief Air Force Gen. Philip Breedlove says his command is ready to conduct military operations during the Olympic Games in Russia.

“We have offered our assistance with Russia,” Gen. Breedlove told reporters at the Munich Security Conference on Saturday. “We are in the process now of establishing a direct line of communication between me and my command and the Russians and their command.”

February  3  2014   

 Can other countries bomb USA like it bombs Somalia and many others?


 The missile attack of U.S. drones on Somalia that came out of the blue over the weekend showed that U.S. " doctrine of exceptionalism" allows to violate international law, bomb foreign territories and kill suspects without trial. Accordingly, other countries have a right to bomb the U.S., haven't they?
The question above was asked in the comments to the news story about the missile attack that was posted on CNN website. According to the Associated Press, it was warlord Sahal Iskudhuq, who was eliminated in an air strike on Sunday. His driver was killed along with him. However, according to other sources, the United States is still unable to find out whether the militant leader was destroyed or not, a U.S. military official told CNN. Terrorist group al-Shabab claimed responsibility for the attack on Westgate shopping center in Nairobi on 21 September 2013. At least 67 people were killed, more than 200 were injured in the attack. As extremists explained, the attack was a response to the presence of Kenyan troops in Somalia.

February  3  2014  

U.S. plan to transfer 3,000 terrorists to Romania (Mojahedin Khalq, MKO, MEK, Rajavi cult)



It’s incredible when one looks behind the scenes of the facade of ‘diplomatic relations’ with the likes of John Kerry masquerading as a globetrotting statesman, mostly enacting damage control in response to the tangled spider’s web of CIA-steered terrorist organizations around the world. “As long as we control them, they’re our terrorists”, or so the mantra goes.

January 3 2014  

Washington’s Al Qaeda doesn’t exist and never did For twelve years, the Bush and Obama Administrations have promoted a narrative about the War on Terror. It has changed slightly in superficial ways, as when President Obama gave it a new name, but the crux of the narrative has not changed. The United States is fighting a war against a worldwide terrorist organization called al-Qaeda, formerly headed by über-terrorist Osama bin Laden

December 14 2013 

The Video the Pentagon doesn't want you to see!



  The Video the Pentagon doesn't want you to see!

November 27  2013  

US plans to train thousands of Libyan security forces in Bulgaria  The Pentagon plans to train up to 8,000 Libyan soldiers, including special operation forces capable of carrying out counter-terrorism missions, in an effort to bolster security in the unstable oil-rich North African state.

The training, requested by Libyan Prime Minister Ali Zeidan, would be conducted by the US military’s Africa Command at a base in NATO-member state Bulgaria, Pentagon spokesman Col. Steve Warren told reporters.  

November 21  2013 

 London and Washington and Terrorism


Pravda  The last few years have been synonymous with the most shocking human rights abuses perpetrated by forces supported, aided, financed and abetted either directly or indirectly by the FUKUS Axis - France, UK, US - in Libya and in Syria. The conclusion can only be that the state Department and the FCO are staffed by the most callous, cold-blooded and reptilian monsters the world has seen. They are unfit for office, they are a disgrace to their nations and their very existence is a reminder that the foreign policy of Washington and London (and now Paris) is conducted by traitors. 


November 11  2013 

Malala drama, another propaganda tool of CIA? 


 Pravda.RU  The Pakistani media are full with comments and articles reporting the praise that is meted out to Malala by the West and joining them in praising her for the alleged wonders and braveries she has done. Pakistan's media and Prime Minister are not sparing any chance to win their foreign master's goodwill. So much so that one gets pimples when just reading the name of the girl, because the great cause of educating the girls in Swat and the rest of Pakistan might be a problem since Pakistan unfortunately adopted the proxy war of US against the so-called terrorism that created the Taliban in Pakistan and the controversy around girl's education

 Okber  29 2013 

Washington’s Tyranny: What is the Real Agenda of Obama’s “War on Terror”?


Global Research  The war criminal barack obama has declared his “outrage” over the 62 deaths associated with the takeover of a Nairobi, Kenya, shopping mall by al-Shabaab fighters.  But the attack on the shopping mall was obama’s fault.  Al Shabaab spokesmen said that the attack on the Nairobi mall was a retaliatory response to the Kenyan troops sent to fight against them in Somalia.  The Kenyan troops, of course, were sent to Somalia as a result of pressure from Washington.


September  26 2013 

Americans Are 110 Times More Likely to Die from Contaminated Food Than Terrorism


One of the most important revelations from the international drama over Edward Snowden's NSA leaks in May is the exposure of a nearly lunatic disproportion in threat assessment and spending by the US government. This disproportion has been spawned by a fear-based politics of terror that mandates unlimited money and media attention for even the most tendentious terrorism  threats, while lethal domestic risks such as contaminated food from our industrialized agribusiness system are all but ignored. A comparison of federal spending on food safety intelligence versus antiterrorism intelligence brings the irrationality of the threat assessment process into stark relief. 

September  20 2013 

Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars



In 1979, as Iranian revolutionaries were taking charge in Tehran, Carter National Security Adviser, Afghan Frankenstein godfather and Trilateral Commission co-founder Zbigniew Brzezinski was in Kuwait City meeting with Kuwaiti Emir Sheik Jaber Ahmed al Sabah, House of Saud envoys and Iraqi President Saddam Hussein.  The group decided that Saddam’s Republican Guard would seize the oil-rich Iranian province of Khuzistan.


September  17 2013 

POWERFUL speech about the Military Industrial Complex & US Imperialism (Graphic Content)



This short video highlights the harsh Truth of U.S. foreign policy and the military industrial complex.

September  13 2013 


















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