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Simonyan reported on massive layoffs of RT employees in the US

People are forced to leave work because of fears for their own safety

TASS /. Editor-in-chief of RT and “Russia Today” news agency Margarita Simonyan reported about massive dismissals of the channel’s employees due to fears for their own safety.

“One more colossal negative effect that we have today is, of course, people are leaving us” bundles. “People are scared, people are afraid, it is difficult for us to find a stringer in the United States,” Simonyan said at an enlarged meeting of the working group of the temporary commission of the upper Chamber for the protection of state sovereignty and prevention of interference in the internal affairs of the Russian Federation.

She stressed that the work of the television channel in the United States has long been under pressure from the authorities. At the same time, according to Simonyan, RT in the US works like ordinary media and has never dealt with fake news.

Glavred RT recalled that about a year ago the US CIA published a report in which its name was mentioned 27 times, and the name RT – 100 times. “We occupy exactly half of this report, a story about us,” Simonyan said.

She clarified that the claims that are made in this report refer to the alleged activities that took place on the interference in the election of the US president.





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