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‘Simply doesn’t have right to rule’: French MPs in bid to impeach Hollande

Dozens of French politicians have sent a draft resolution calling for the impeachment of President Francois Hollande to the High Court, national media report. The MPs accuse the leader of disclosing confidential information to the press.

“A copy of the draft resolution to the High Court was filed [by the members of the National Assembly],”the lower house of the French parliament, according to documents seen by AFP.

The High Court is a special jurisdiction responsible for ruling on the impeachment of the president.

The politicians referred to a 2014 legislation which states that a president can be removed from office if there is a “breach of their duties that is clearly incompatible with the exercise of their mandate.” 


The letter was also reportedly sent to the National Assembly, which will deliver it to President Hollande and Prime Minister Manuel Valls.

The draft resolution included “79 original signatories”from Republican MPs, with others to be added later, according to the document. It said at least 152 Republicans supported the step.

However, a parliamentary source told AFP that the court will only count the 79 submitted signatures


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