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SIX huge asteroids ARE coming our way as doommongers insist world will end in TWO weeks


Wild predictions being made online claim a space rock up to 2.5miles wide will strike Puerto Rico.

Dates range from September 21 to the end, but most are homing in on between September 23 or 24 due to a range of Bible codes, so-called prophecies, and alleged other predictions.

However, the Blood Moon Prophecy, says the end is nigh on September 28 as that coincides with the last of four ‘blood moons’ (total eclipses followed with six full moons in between) over the past 18 months.

The claim appears to have its origins in a self-proclaimed prophet Rev Efraid Rodriguez, who says he wrote to Nasa warning of the strike after receiving a message from God.

He claims he saw a vision of it “entering the airspace of the town of Arecibo in Puerto Rico, striking the sea between the island of Mona and Mayagüez and triggering a magnitude 12 earthquake.


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Info about the video:

Prophet Efrain Rodriguez spoke at the Prophecy Club about a prophetic vision given to him by God for the last 41 years about a meteor striking off the coast of Puerto Rico which will cause a massive tsunami that will effect the island, the Caribbean Islands, and the East Coast of the US. It will also cause an earthquake that will split the US. Please share this , especially if you live or have family or friends who live in Puerto Rico or on the East Coast of the US.