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“Smart” Toothbrushes Are Equipped With Interactive Wireless Displays—Radio Transmitters

Do you brush your teeth with a ‘smart’ toothbrush?

Did you know there are ‘smart’ toothbrushes?

According to the package information that comes with the Oral-B Triaction/Precision 5000/5500, it contains an “interactive wireless display,” i.e., a radio transmitter that puts out electromagnetic frequencies.  Holy moly—one more smart device to track us, even while brushing our teeth!

I wonder what it reports back and to whom?  Or, does it tie into the AMI Smart Meter on your electric service to become a surveillance cog in the Internet of Things?

That product information states the following:

To avoid electromagnetic interference and/or compatibility conflicts, deactivate the radio transmission before using it in restricted surroundings, such as aircrafts or specially marked areas in hospitals. Deactivate radio transmission by simultaneously pressing the on/off and mode button for 3 seconds until the radio transmission display (f) goes off.  Follow the same procedure to reactivate transmission again.

Persons with pacemakers should always keep the toothbrush more than six inches (15 centimeters) from the pacemaker while turned on.  Anytime you suspect interference is taking place, deactivate the radiotransmission of your toothbrush.


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