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Some European countries want Russian sanctions lifted, McCain says US to decide

Senator John McCain says the US will decide when EU sanctions on Russia can be lifted. The issue of sanctions is expected to be discussed next week in Munich, with many EU countries unhappy that the restrictions are adversely affecting their economies.

“I think there is clearly a lot of conversation amongst the Europeans about lifting the sanctions…There are many countries that are looking for the exit sign,” McCain said, speaking to Sputnik. “I have been hearing it for months, that there is enormous pressure in a lot of countries, particularly Germany, to lift the sanctions.”

However, the former failed US presidential candidate believes it is up to Washington if and when sanctions are eventually lifted, saying that the final decision will “to some degree depend on American leadership.”

The issue of sanctions is expected to be discussed at next week’s Munich Security Conference, which Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev is set to attend.

“It [sanctions] will be in the back-chatter, but it won’t be visible,” McCain said. “It won’t be out in the open in the conference, but there will be a lot of conversations among the Europeans.”

McCain is right about one thing – the EU is unhappy about losing billions of euros in trade following the implementation of a retaliatory embargo by Moscow.


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