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Soros in Syria: ‘Humanitarian’ NGO Deployed For Regime Change, Not Aid

This shocking story, which broke last week here at 21WIRE and this past weekend on the SUNDAY WIRE radio show, has now been picked up by a number of other online journals and news agencies.

More than anything, this story – of the shady quasi-humanitarian organization known as the ‘White Helmets’, demonstrates just how these seemingly innocuous NGO front groups are being deployed as covert tools of the international regime change project in Syria – helping to fulfill a primary foreign policy agenda for Washington, London, Tel Aviv, Riyadh and Doha’s joint venture in the region.

The genius of the White Helmet operation is that they are even using crowd funding campaigns in order to raise money for this grey ‘revolution business’. In one of their recent campaigns entitled, “Support the women saving Syria from the bombs”, they managed to convince mostly westerners to donate $100,000 – money which will likely be spent to produce more ‘regime change’ propaganda – to be cleverly targeted back at liberal western audiences. A brilliant feedback loop design if there ever was one.

Money for regime change? White Helmet ‘heart string’ marketing campaign working as cointelpro propaganda.Sputnik News

One of the largest humanitarian organizations operating in war-torn Syria – the ‘White Helmets’ – has been accused of being an anti-government propaganda arm that encourages direct foreign intervention.

In an article for the 21st Century Wire news service, investigative journalist and peace activist Vanesse Beeley says that the White Helmets use search and rescue activities as a cover-up to demonize Syrian President Assad and help terrorists.




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