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Spanish ruling party threatens to jail Catalan leader if he declares independence

Spain’s ruling Partido Popular party has issued its most severe warnings to date to Catalan premier Carles Puigdemont over the consequences of tomorrow’s widely predicted declaration of independence, with a PP spokesman saying he could end up like the historic Catalan leader Lluís Companys – in jail.

“Anybody that declares it could end up like the one who tried it 83 years ago,” the PP’s deputy secretary for communication, Pablo Casado, said on Monday, in a reference to Lluis Companys’ failed bid for independence and subsequent spell in prison in 1934.

Mr Puigdemont is widely expected to declare independence in the regional parliament on Tuesday evening, nine days after the Catalan region voted for independence in a referendum dismissed by Madrid as illegal. Speaking with 24 hours to go, Mr Casado said the Prime Minister, Mariano Rajoy, planned to avail himself of every means provided by Spanish law and the constitution to fight any declaration.



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