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Star Wars fan? Lucas wrote this ‘false flag’-terrorism-war story about America devolving to dictatorship

Adjusted for inflation, Star Wars is likely the most popular film series in history. Stories are popular because they communicate themes that resonate with the public. Creator George Lucas communicates that a powerful republic is overcome by false flag deception that devolves all into the most evil dictatorial empire possible.

“Dictatorship” literally means a government from what is dictated/said whenever government “leadership” says so. The US has lost almost all Constitutional rights to the dictates of “leaders” in government. In contrast, a constitutional republic is limited government acting within its constitution.

This is basic high school-level education we all learned, and are demanded to either live or lose.

‘false flag’ (and here) is an attack by a government that is blamed upon a political enemy, usually as justification for an offensive War of Aggression. It uses deception to manipulate public opinion to surrender power to “leadership,” to “protect” the public from the created “enemies.”

Rome’s empire expanded by always claiming “defensive” wars from such constant “enemies,” andWashington’s Blog documents 53 admitted false flag attacks in history using this same false narrative.


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