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Step by Step or as We Watch our FREEDOM Stripped from us

What can I say that the awake don’t already know. Homeless vanish. If you go into a State Park you can’t be sure you will come out. Vaccines that kill or cause a worse problem than the one they are to protect you from. Jailed just because. The case of the dead, what seems to be alternative medicine doctors. If the Gov’t wants your house, car, land, bank account, retirement account they WILL take it. A Bill or Executive order is being written if the powers that be want to take your pension. Puff , gone like it never existed. I would bet that before the crash they will take every last penny they can.  I would say by hook or crook, but. It’s only by crook. Taxes are illegal as the 13th ammendment was never ratified and that is beside the fact that only corporations are supposed to be taxed. In 1871 a second constitution was written and ratified.  The US was in dire straights just like now.

They were broke so a new Constitution was written ” THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA’ this changed the  U S from a Republic to a Corporation and each of it’s citizens a Corporate entity. What really I find unfathomable is that we give our troops depleated uranium rounds that not only kill the target but linger in the air. In that linger they will cause birth defects and death to the general population and worst of all our loved soldiers that have no clue. I  was going to Colorado Springs to pick up a cheap little Motor Home to cruise around Mexico. At the Colorado Springs airport I ran into 3 new young bright eyed soldiers. Kids who have not even really lived yet. I wanted so bad to tell them what was going on. That it was a good chance they could get killed or they would be scarred for life by the what they had to do. Or the fact a good number would be seriously be impacted by the ammunition they use. And that more soldiers commit suicide than are killed. Good God a bullet is going to make the person just as dead. I said good bye god bless and turned around and started to cry.

What was I going to do say good luck and enjoy protecting the poppy fields. Folks I have no idea whats going to happen between the the ultimate crash, marshall law, the rumor that the Military is going to leave a scorched earth or a planet is comming along or wave X aka the galactic super wave. The Bible stuff  I have a bit of a problem as I was told that all events are planned by the  TPTB to correspond to the words of the Bible written in Greek tanslated to Latin and some parts Aramaic and into english. Translated from words with multiple meanings. Just two Joseph was a carpenter no the translation is he was a master of his craft. He would have made really perfect pot. Or Mary the virgin with a translation of  a young lady as I believe the original said she was a Virgo which at the time had the meaning  a young woman.

Bless you all put away a few months food and water and fasten your seat belt the next few months will be interesting. Those with a spiritual tilt check out the Brit Simon Parks he has some very interesting info. Story to follow.