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Sun Was Recently Blocked With Toxic Metals, Sprayed Openly by NASA: Nobody Cares

For a few weeks in a row last month, NASA sprayed the stratosphere with toxic metals such as barium off the East Coast of the United States in an alleged test: what they were really testing was probably how docile the general public is.Off the coast of Maryland, sounding rockets sprayed the stratosphere with toxic metals, colored to look like some kind of spectacle to average people. They said it was a test for stratospheric aerosol injection: spraying the skies to block the sun and allegedly combat global warming.It seems that geoengineers chose a particular strategy in normalizing spraying the sky to the public: they chose to openly report on the skies being sprayed in a “test,” with the metals colored to make it aesthetic, so people would watch it and even eagerly anticipate the Earth being poisoned, as if it was some meteor shower, eclipse, or a natural beauty.This is the latest step to normalize spraying the sky in the minds of the public. A threshold was crossed in disclosing geoengineering about a year ago when CIA director John Brennan proposed the skies be sprayed to “combat global warming.”



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