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Sweden: Court Refuses to Deport Migrant Who Raped Mentally Disabled Child Because He ‘Felt Bad’

A court in Sweden has refused to deport an Afghan migrant who raped a 15-year-old mentally disabled girl for an hour and a half because he was in a “bad mood” about it afterwards and had suffered hardship in his home country.

Two migrants kidnapped and brutally raped the girl vaginally, orally and anally in the middle of winter in the Arlöv area of Sweden. The girl is now frightened of going outside and is petrified of men.

“If you kiss or fuck someone else, I will kill you,” the older migrant told the victim after the rape.

One of the culprits told authorities he was 15, thus avoiding prosecution, while the 18-year-old migrant was charged in May and was about to be deported and refused re-entry for 10 years.

As we previously reported, a study by the Swedish National Board of Medicines found that three out of four so-called child “refugees” are actually adults.

However, the older migrant avoided deportation on appeal because court authorities decided that he was in a “bad mental mood” and had suffered hardships in his home country of Afghanistan.


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