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Sweden Facing New Challenges as Acid Throwing Plague Reaches Scandinavia

The UK has recently achieved the dubious honor of becoming the “world capital of acid attacks,” which have more than tripled in six years. Now, this deadly trend appears to have reached Scandinavia, as two people were attacked with a caustic liquid in Greater Stockholm earlier this week.

Two people were taken to hospital in Upplands Väsby north of Stockholm after being attacked with some sort of caustic liquid. The offender is believed to have escaped in a car after spilling the noxious liquid into his victim’s faces.

“A person, a man, left the scene in a car and is currently wanted by the authorities,” Anna Westberg of the Stockholm Police told the Swedish newspaper Expressen.

While the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet reported the liquid to be ammonia, the police have not commented on the incident.

“I cannot say exactly what kind of liquid it was,” Anna Westberg told Expressen.

According to Westberg, those involved appeared to have known each other in some way. The two victims were taken to hospital, with no clear report of how much damage the attack inflicted upon them. Later, they will be interrogated by the police to shed more light on the event, which was classified as “gross abuse.”

Acid attacks are notoriously difficult for the police to prevent, as offenders have little trouble in procuring the substances needed.


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