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Sweden’s immigration catastrophe: from Eden to Mujaheeden

Sweden’s immigration catastrophe: from Eden to Mujaheeden

The people pushing this are the political, religious, business, advertising, civil service and – above all – media elites. They are all on the same page and their immigration project is as ideological and – and, this documentary argues, wrong-headed and devastating – as Communism or neoliberalism. They are doing it to live up to Sweden’s reputation as the “most progressive country in the world” and even academic research has to conform to immigrationist ideology.

There is an inbuilt contradiction in this project. In a bid to be “open”, “multicultural”, “progressive”, gay friendly Sweden is importing people from the most conservative and gay-hostile countries in the world. How will this contradiction play out?

Critics of the project are ostracised in their social circles or fired from their jobs. But most people acquiesce. In numerous interviews, a British journalist and expert on Sweden find the weak resistance to the changes to Sweden’s history of a strong state and strong central control, with little tradition of popular protest



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