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Swedish politician: US is the true cause of the masses of refugees from the Middle East

The present Swedish debate about war refugees from the Middle East is an example of peer restricted expression. In the name of political correctness or perceived decency, any questioning of maximum generosity in opening Swedish borders for the refugees is indignantly rejected by the official mainstream. We have a humanitarian duty towards those who are forced to flee from areas ravaged by war, and there is no excuse for not opening our borders to them. – Sure.

By Jens Jerndal, spokesman for the political party Unity (Enhet)| Photo: Official White House press photo by Pete Souza | Läs denna artikel på svenska 

BUT, what about exercising our brains and identifying the root of the evil? What about trying to stop the refugee problem from arising in the first place? – What about applying an overall holistic perspective to detect the real, original cause of the problem? – And demand that those who caused the problem also take care of its consequences? – And that they immediately stop causing any more of it?

Our politically mandated media will not discuss who is ultimately responsible for the endless stream of refugees. OK, they have us believe that it is all caused by terrorist organizations, by Muslim fanatics, against whom all the military might of the world is powerless.

And yet, we don´t need to be very brilliant or dig very deep to clearly see who and what is the real cause of today´s refugee problem.

  • Who caused the devastation of Iraq with a million dead and many more mutilated, disabled, bereaved, and homeless? – Admittedly without reason or provocation.
  • Who caused the same thing in Libya, and now in Syria?
  • Not to mention Afghanistan and several more countries in Africa.

As you may realize, the culprit is not a spontaneously self-organized little group of fanatic islamists, that neither the US nor NATO is able to contain. If you really thought that, think again!

The USA has spent many trillions of dollars during the last decade alone, on its ”defence” against these dangerous terrorists all over the world. And it is this ”defence” which, without provocation, bombed to smithereens more than half a dozen Muslim countries and thus caused the profuse stream of refugees to the affluent countries of the EU.

Incidentally, it is now well known that both Al Qaeda and ISIS were created, funded, trained and armed by the CIA and other US security and military agencies themselves, in order to stir up violence that could then be used as excuses to intervene with military force towards covert political and financial ends. All according to objective international analysts, coinciding with highly credible sources within the US establishment itself.


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