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Tarpley — ” US ISIS Czar Allen Scheming to Smash Syrian Army and Kurds”

The recent warning by President Putin to the Turkish envoy Ümit Yardim highlights the potential for Erdogan’s insane support for ISIS to explode into much wider conflict. At the recent forum held in Ankara, Crimean Tatars loudly denounced “Russian occupation” in favor of “Ukrainian territorial integrity” (ignoring the rather recent concession by Premiere Khrushchev to grant Ukraine the historically Russian territory of Crimea during the 1950s). Present at this meeting were Turkish government officials and leaders of the Crimean Tatars later met with President Erdogan. The World News Bulletin reported on Tuesday that Erdogan “reassured Crimean Tatars that his country will never recognize the annexation of the Crimea by Russia,” and he promised to be the first country to respond to the Tatars’ call for international intervention against Russia. This essentially means Erdogan has cause to push ISIS fighters towards Russia through Crimea and Chechnya as well as to the East towards Iraq and Iran, further waging his war against the Kurds and other countries targeted by the Allen-Petraeus camarilla of failed generals.

On July 30th, The New York Times revealed a paltry force of 54 fighters – barely a platoon –had been trained out of an original 1,200 insurgents gathered by a Mr. Nadeem Hassan after the Pentagon announced last year that it would train a force of anti-ISIS moderate Syrians. A “moderate” anti-ISIS force is not only a fictitious wish in the mind of the establishment media, but has also proved to be a disaster, with its nominal leader “Mr. Hassan” and his lieutenant being captured within the first days of combat by Al Nusra. The force is likely a pretext to continue bombing raids along the “safe zone” and to be used as a contingent of rabble-rousers for General Allen’s provocations within Syria.