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Techno Fascism Arrives: The Army Is Sharing Its Top Cyber Warriors With Hollywood and Wall Street



A new public-private program wants to ‘marry-up’ cyber soldiers with a civilian career to defend against online threats.

At a time when the Pentagon arguably is losing a battle with industry for top tech talent, the Army is offering companies the resumes of its best cyberwarriors.

It’s just one strategy U.S. organizations are trying out to deal with a workforce challenge as persistent as the cyber threat.

This week, in Colorado Springs, eight universities, eight industry employers and various federal agencies will gather to formalize the Army Reserve’s Cyber Private Public Partnership, or Cyber P3.

Those soldiers see, in some cases, the big dollars in industry and they transition off the active force,” Lt. Col. Scott Nelson, the Cyber P3 program manager, told Nextgov.

Among the many questions the initiative aims to address is “how do we retain the investment the Army made in that soldier” and, at the same time, “allow them to get a really good job with our industry partners?”

Two soldiers already have landed jobs at Lockheed Martin and a national security-related firm through Cyber P3, which launched in February.

Part of the effort involves creating equivalent military and university cyber training programs, hence the meeting of the minds in Colorado Springs, home to program participant University of Colorado.


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