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Teenage girl soldier hailed as Ukraine’s ‘Joan of Arc’ by Elle magazine is revealed as neo-Nazi and is arrested over cop killing



A neo-Nazi portrayed as Ukraine’s version of Joan of Arc by French fashion magazine Elle for her ‘brave’ fight against the Russian separatists has been arrested in connection with the deaths of two policemen.



Vita Zaverukha was taken into custody after two officers were killed and three more injured on May 4, following a gang’s failed attempt to rob a petrol station in the capital Kiev.

The gang, who all have links to the far-right in Ukraine, and allegedly were involved in a shoot out as they tried to flee the scene.

At first glance, it seems shocking that this slight, blonde teenager could be involved at all.

But Vita, 19, is charged with ‘an attempt on an officer of the law’, reported news outlets in Moscow – and a quick search reveals she is an active promoter and supporter of vile neo-Nazi ideals.

What’s more, she is also suspected of being linked to an attack on a traffic police post in Bykovnya two days beforehand, and it is also claimed she participated in bloody attacks on the Odessa House of Trade Unions in May last year in which 46 perished and 200 were injured.

Yet just six months ago, Elle magazine’s French edition was portraying her as Joan of Arc-type figure, bravely defending her home from Russian separatists – taken in, it seems, by her innocent appearance.