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The 007 Effect: James Bond, the Spy Who Loved Brands

The world’s favorite special agent is back – and so are the brands behind his drinks, cars and watches.

Bond films are some of the most heavily branded in movie history, with companies paying millions to get their products on screen alongside the world’s most famous spy. The latest instalment, Spectre, has its world premiere in the U.K. on Monday.

With Bond-themed ad campaigns and pre-release hype in full-swing, Seesaw Media’s Daryl Collis explains that the link between brands and Bond is deep and long-standing, but not a relationship that the viewer will always accept without question.

Pierce Brosnan’s Bond swansong Die Another Day saw producers link up with 21 “brand partners.” By the time of Daniel Craig’s debut in Casino Royale that number had been pared back to seven.

Bond now promotes “brand partners who are more real, and more authentic to his [Craig’s] interpretation of James  Bond,” says Collis.