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The assumed frenzied Nice would be alive and testifies to Tunisia, claiming not to be guilty of the massacre ??

While the official authorities assert, barely a few hours after the fact and without no probative evidence that the massacre of Nice is a jihadist attack, the presumed frenzied nice, Mohamed Lahouaiej Hhf would be alive and testifies to Tunisia, Sousse, claiming not to be guilty of the massacre! It goes so far as to ask the authorities to check their information before dissemination. In this video from less than a minute, he says be in Sousse and not be aware of this case, while taking care to integrate into its selfie the monument of a roundabout known as to authenticate its geographical position. He said then that the video was filmed on July 15, 2016, 

He delivered pretty much the french without rolling ‘r’ which means that he had to definitely stay in France some time. It must be said also that he listens in the background a famous song by Metallica.

Indeed the resemblance is more than troubling: eyebrows, eyes, dark circles, beard, nose… and unless this is a disambiguation, it cannot leave indifferent. Need to add that photography of his residence permit was not much to diffuse across selfie! There was already a precedent in France concerning a young high school student, Mourad Waleed, who has been accused of attacks while it was ongoing and he had strictly nothing to do. Regardless of X, this video means at least that he should take his time before issuing as many things in the media, just hours after the attacks. without even taking care nor the time to check out them, because reactions to hot are always regrettable error prone and discredit their authors. Whatever it is, now that this person manifested itself, the authorities of the two countries can easily lift the veil on this troubling case


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