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The Coming Civil War in Europe

The Leftist-Liberal demographic engineering project of the European Union violates the rights of indigenous European peoples, goes against global trends towards the territorial partition of ethnic groups, and contradicts expert research on conditions that create ethnic and political conflict. The continuous practice of settling large numbers of non-Europeans into regions already inhabited by European indigenous populations but who have very low fertility rates inevitably alters the ethnic compositions of European nation-states, renders Europeans demographic minorities in their own homelands, affects the distribution of political power and the relations between ethnic groups, and causes a variety of other conflicts and problems, including civil war. 

Engineering Multi-Ethnic States through Immigration

In this article I will be drawing on the existing research on the factors that have brought about ethnic conflict in history and in recent decades in the Third World to show that the same factors are being reproduced in Europe as our current elites go about engineering European nations into multi-ethnic states through mass immigration. 

According to Myron Weiner and Sharon Stanton Russell, demographic research has found that countries with low fertility rates that also experience large-scale international migration tend to suffer from “violent ethnic conflict and political instability,” an erosion of national identity and sovereignty, as well as “radicalism, terrorism, religious fundamentalism, environmental degradation, and economic growth and stagnation.”1 According to Frank Salter, research shows that “ethnic diversity tends to increase social conflict and crime, undermine welfare, exacerbate ethnic inequality, racialize politics and erode civil liberties.”2 

According to Tatu Vanhanen, “two thirds of global variation in ethnic conflict was explained by ethnic diversity” and according to Irenaeus Eibl-Eibesfeldt “large scale mixing of different ethnicities reduces social stability and risks domestic peace.”3 According to Michael Teitelbaum, “large-scale population movements across borders by refugees or other migrants can affect the cohesion of societies and generate social and political conflict both within and between countries.”4 And according to Monica Toft, multiethnic states are “the most violence prone settlement pattern” of distinct ethnic groups.5 


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