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The Coming Economic Costs Of Irma Could Be Beyond Catastrophic As 2017 Is Shaping Up To Be The Most Costly Year For Natural Disasters In US History

In the recent story over at Foot’s Forecast out of State College, Pennsylvania simply titled “Hurricane X” we’re told the potential economic costs of Hurricane Irma could be absolutely staggering in Florida alone with their estimate of between $200 and $300 BILLION when it is realized that large portions of downtown Miami, slated previously to be in the eyewall, may receive higher elevation winds of 150 mph + for 6-12 hours where high rises reach 300 feet or more.

While Accuweather currently estimates potential economic costs from Hurricane Irma in the U.S. will be in the $50-100 billion range, they added this disclaimer: “If the eye passes right over Miami, then it will be even more.”

With the latest weather forecasts still claiming Miami will get pounded even thought the eye of killer hurricane Irma may not pass directly over Miami, the United States could soon witness the most devastation that this nation has ever witnessed with the following excerpt coming from the Foot’s story that almost defies belief, explaining why we’re now witnessing the largest mass exodus in modern history.


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