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The Corporate Media Called The Fukushima Nuclear Meltdown Coverup Fake News For Over 5 Years Before Finally Admitting The Truth.

The corporate media called reports of a Fukushima Nuclear Meltdown in Japan “Fake News” for over five years before they finally admitted the truth after the disaster was no longer on the public’s radar. Even after admitting to the meltdown they continued their lies finally reporting that Fukushima seaborne radiation hit the U.S West Cost a little over a week ago.


Corporate Media Called Claims of Fukushima Coverup Fake News For Over 5 Years.

With President Obama quietly signing the 2017 NDAA into law which codifies the spreading of “Fake News” as an offense punishable by treason for alternative media outlets that dare to counter the official U.S. government narrative echoed by corporate news monopoly the American public needs to seriously consider the consequences of the legislation.

The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) of 2012 drew widespread criticism due to its vague language which authorized President Obama to engage war against Al Qaeda and it’s allies anywhere in the world at anytime.

At the same time the act gave the executive branch complete authority to charge anyone, anywhere as a supporter of Al Qaeda and at the same time decide which sentence was appropriate for the alleged action, be it thrown in jail indefinitely, kidnapped under a program called “rendition” or even outright assassinated whether the accusations were against foreign combatants or against American citizens.

Of course the corporate media called such accusations “fake news” and conspiracy when the NDAA was initially passed but it didn’t take long at all for innocent Americans overseas to be kidnapped by the CIA and hauled off to secret black sites to be tortured or even outright executed by assassination drones all without any oversight from the legislative or judicial branches.


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