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The Dwarf brown Star/Sun with its planets (planet X/Nibiru)

I have been watching, reading and listening on all the hype about Planet X/Nibiru or any other name you would like to call it.
I would like to thank everyone who had made this so interesting, those worked out the timeline of events and those for uncovering the ‘Elites’ deception
There is a lot more to this than most people realize, only those who are lucky enough to receive true revelation and those who really work hard at deciphering the signs given to us in the scriptures, ancient records and the alarming changes of our planet and solar system and those who uncovered the ‘Elites’ evil plans will begin to understand.
Back in the day when the astronomers first realised something was moving the heavenly bodies but could not actually see it, even NASA  was not sure what causing it but were just to happy that they had found it they told the whole world, oops! and then were forced to  deny it.
We now have the luxury of being able to look back knowing why they could not see the the Dwarf brown Star/Sun with its planets (planet X/Nibiru) because it does not give off visible light like our Sun, rather it emits Infra Red light that is not visible to the human eye (if you cant see it it will arrive like a thief in the night).

Most people do not realise that Infra red light  actually bends/distraught visible light, the hotter an object is the greater the bending of visible light.   This means that not much light will reflect off of the Dwarf Star even when it is close to our sun, another problem is that during the time it should be close enough to see it will be close to the sun.

This means it would only be visible during daylight hours, so only look for it at Sunrise or Sunset because the sun is just too bright during the rest of the day.  It can only reflect our sun light as it starts to go  around the sun and then as it comes around the other side until it passes the sun. once it is past the sun there will only be infra light from the dwarf sun.

Another time we will know it is here is when it passes between us and our sun causing a total eclipse that  could last for 3 hours to a few days.

The angle its approaches the sun will affect the angle and speed of its exit from the suns gravity, thus changing its speed and distance it would bypass our planet.
The scriptures say it will come like a thief in the night but there will be signs in the heavens and and on earth, there sure are enough signs at this point in time.
There are only a few Infra red telescopes and the people who own/control them are not letting anyone else access the information.
The reason the world is not told what is happening is to stop total panic, rioting etc. so the so called ‘Elite’ could prepare for
what they believe to be their safety with food and make sure that only those they choose will be with them.
Some cellphones can ‘see’ some infra red light but expensive digital cameras usually have internal filters to prevent Infra red light from distraughting the image.
So who will see it will depend on so many factors that I am not even going to try and guess.   I hope I will be lucky enough not only to see the dwarf sun but to see Nibiru or whatever you call it as well as the meteorites that will come after it has passed us.   It does not matter if it comes tomorrow, next week or year, its on its way for sure and no matter how anyone tries to debunk it the evidence is just overwhelming.
Remember if you are spiritually prepared you will not fear but rather look forward to it.