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The Esoteric Meaning of the Movie “Prisoners”


“Prisoners” is a 2013 thriller film about the abduction of two girls in Pennsylvania. Behind this crime story is an underlying spiritual subtext and subtle symbolism that gives the movie another layer of meaning – one that comments on religion, morality and the hidden forces at play in society. This article will look at the esoteric meaning of “Prisoners”. 

Warning: Gigantic spoilers ahead!

Prisoners is the kind of movie that stays in your mind long after the ending credits roll. This is not only due to its gripping, dramatic story but to the spiritual subtext that underlies it all. As the film unfolds and the crime investigation progresses, esoteric concepts and symbolism are also introduced, giving the movie an entirely new dimension. What appears to be a story about the abduction of two little girls turns into a profound spiritual journey of humans facing adversity and finding themselves lost between good and evil, right and wrong, and morality and immorality.

Prisoners takes place in an average American town, Conyers, Pennsylvania during the time of Thanksgiving. The grey, gritty and unglamorous setting of the movie allows the characters to shine through, as the story is driven by their pains, struggles and dilemmas. Through the background and evolution of each character, the movie comments (and sometimes condemns) some aspects of American society. Some items that are touched upon: Christianity, “preppers”, secret societies and mind control. Let’s look at the most important characters of the movie.