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The European Commission is OVER – GERMANY now rules Europe, declares former president

THE European Commission is over as Germany dominates Brussels, a former president has claimed.

Romano Prodi led the Commission between 1999 and 2004 and oversaw the nearly double in size.

But he claims Brussels’ glory days are over as Germany and France and other member states snatch power from the European Commission.

The 77-year-old told Politico the organisation has morphed from a “union of minorities” to a “coalition of states” which has changed how the EU works and plans for its future.

Mr Prodi said: “During my time at the Berlaymont, one just had to turn on a news channel of a European country and it was all about the Commission.

“Today, it’s all about the Council.”

Headed by Donald Tusk the Council brings together member states to set the EU’s political agenda with the Commission, overseen by chief Eurocrat , acting as the executive as the EU promoting its general interest.


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