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The Great Ukrainian Wall

After a few years ago Ukraine decided to build a wall on Russian border. Previously there was no border and people could snoop here and there between two tates. They wanted to build a full-time wall, like the Israel is having with Palestine but it turned out most of the funds were stolen in process so they got a fence.

Three years ago around 100 million dollars was invested into this task. Most of the funds were coming from European Union as being told by some sources.  The wall had to be a six-meter (20 feet) solid tall and had to be guarded all the time by the border guards.

One of the biggest problems here isn’t even a Russian invasion but rather the smuggling stuff here and there all the time. So they had to build 2,000 kms of the wall till 2018.

As of now only 300 km of the wall is ready and it’s not a wall but rather a fence. What happened? Construction companies say that they don’t receive enough funds.

Ukrainian state attorneys already investigating this case. And a few days ago this August they arrested a few people and charged them with misappropriation of state funds. Everyone arrested worked either in Ukrainian border guard or was a contractor working for them. They are charged with stealing around $800,000 as of now.

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