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The Illuminati will inject people with mind-controlling chips

Simon Parkes revealed some shocking pieces of information. He stated that people will be injected with tiny mind-controlling chips.

Prior to this statement, he said that he stopped the Illuminati from destroying the world. According to him, the Illuminati planned to use the LHC in CERN for this purpose, but he stopped them just in time.

He said this during a UFO convention in a country manor house.

According to Parkes, people will be controlled through national vaccination programs. He also added that the Illuminati are behind this as well. Their plan is to control people through the chips implanted in their hands.

These chips also have the ability to punish people by affecting their neuron system. This vaccination program will start in 2016. Australia is the first country to implement this vaccination program. People won’t be given their unemployment benefits or old age pension without being implanted with a mind-controlling chip.


This program will be implemented across the world.

The Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology already exists. However, there is no solid evidence to support the claims that it will be used for controlling the masses.

Many people who attended this UFO conference were persuaded by Parkes’ speech. Some of them also claim that they had a contact with aliens, therefore they are prone to believe in these theories. Some of those who believe in his theories have even been diagnosed with delusional and paranoid mental health conditions.

Parkes concluded his speech by saying that the media are closely monitoring his activities, because the media also want to cover up his claims.