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The Luciferian Shadow Government – The Beginnings

Recently I have been doing a lot of research on the secret luciferian shadow government that is raising its ugly head these past years.

What we need to realize is that these people are real, they are driven by power, money and greed. They don’t care that they are leaders, what drives them is the ability to control the massed and have the masses bow to their will.

But how do these people and group raise up to such power?

I know that it sound cliché but simply stated they are in league with Lucifer, his fallen angels and his many minions.

But what has been amazing is that since Bush Sr was president, looking back we see almost a conspiracy of sorts. Those in the shadow government do not care that the masses are beginning to see what they are doing. But more important, is that recently they have been blatant about their ideas, ceremonies and practices.

Folks, we are talking serious black arts at play here and yes, these ceremonies and such are real and these people who are involved with these Luciferian sects know they are real and will do anything to see their objectives come to fruition.

In this series, I am going to be covering some pretty unbelievable information, some of it is pretty gory in nature, but I feel that it must be told so that we really understand the length these people are willing to go.

To understand what is going on, the spiritual wars taking place, we need to understand our past to grasp what is happening now and the Luciferian cabal


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