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The Military and CIA Interrogation Program Has Not Stopped


The Senate report on torture created a tsunami of media coverage this week. The American public hasn’t been so shocked by evidence of the U.S. torture program since the Abu Ghraib photos of 2004. The program is far worse than previously disclosed. Greater numbers of victims have been tortured for longer periods and in ways that rival the most infamous tortures in history (“rectal feeding”). But one falsehood gets repeated as fact by even in the most serious reporters, namely, that the torture program stopped years ago. It has not. The Appendix M of the 2006 Army Field Manual on interrogation methods allows military and CIA interrogators to continue torturing detainees, and the current force feeding of Guantanamo hunger strikers is so brutal it rises to the level of torture.

The Senate torture report has stunning news about the two psychologists who first devised and demonstrated the torture protocols. Until now we knew only that the CIA had provided Drs. James Mitchell and Bruce Jessen with a $5 million defense fund. Now we know that their consulting firm received $81 million dollars from the CIA, and they worked hard to earn it, helping torture many more detainees than previously known. When I was making Doctors of the Dark Side, we could find only one photograph of Dr. Mitchell. Now, thanks to the Senate torture report, he has surfaced to repair his image.   A Vice News exclusive interview with Dr. Mitchell is on YouTube:


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