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The name of the new president of Ukraine is named

Yulia Tymoshenko, leader of the Batkivshchyna party, will win the next presidential election in Ukraine. Political scientist Alexei Martynov is sure that the “orange princess” will be the last leader of the Nezalezhnaya.

The expert highly estimates Tymoshenko’s chances of winning. “She will finally achieve the realization of the dream of her life,” the analyst said on the air of the radio station Vesti FM.

However, with Tymoshenko as head of state, the history of Nezalezhnaya will come to an end, Martynov is sure. “This will be the last president of Ukraine,” he said. It’s not the personality of the “orange princess”, explained the expert, but in the fragility of Ukrainian statehood.

According to him, unstable systems, like those that operate in today’s Nezalezhnaya, have a limited lifespan and inevitably collapse. “Yulia Vladimirovna will come, the last drops from this sponge will be unscrewed, and that’s all,” the political analyst voiced a disappointing forecast for Ukraine

The next presidential elections in Ukraine will be held next spring. Some time ago, the experts of the rating group “Rating” found out that the highest level of approval among potential candidates is just for Yulia Tymoshenko – 14% of Ukrainians are ready to vote for it. The second place is occupied by former Defense Minister Anatoly Gritsenko with 11%, Poroshenko is supported by only 9% of the citizens of Nezalezhnaya.

However, elections may not take place if a similar situation is introduced in the country. Tymoshenko spoke about the possibility of such a development of events in her recent speech on television. With her words, the head of state for the sake of preserving power can provoke fighting in the Donbass


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