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The Occult Meaning of Iggy Azalea’s “Savior” : A Wedding With the Dark Side

Taking place inside a church, Savior features Iggy Azalea yearning for some kind of salvation. However, the symbolism of the video implies that the “savior” is Satan himself.

Iggy Azalea is one of those artists that appears to be universally hated, yet that keeps popping up everywhere in mass media. She’s been accused of “co-opting black culture”, of manufacturing a fake Southern US accent, of getting buttock implants to appeal to her target audience, of saying “racially insensitive remarks” and, finally, of making music that is not very good. But she’s there, still a celebrity, and still releasing music. She constantly performs in award shows, is featured in magazines, and her music gets lots of media exposure. Why is that?


Well, Savior says it all. In fact, the symbolism of her entire career says it all. Azalea has always been a “good puppet” and has always fully embraced the elite’s agenda in her act. That allows her to have some sweet spotlight time. But for how long? And at what cost? Savior says it all.



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