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The polar vortex just split in two – Get ready for some wild weather from Europe to the U.S.

The polar vortex just split in two… And this split will have far-reaching consequences for weather patterns from Canada to Eurasia. Since the polar vortex tends to be associated with some of the coldest air during the winter, the temporary separation means that ultra cold air is on the move. The latest split is likely to put Western Europe and much of Eurasia into the deep freeze for the rest of February, and will offer glimpses of hope for snow lovers along the U.S. East Coast.

One piece of the vortex is sliding southwest, out of the Arctic and into western Canada and the Pacific Northwest, where frigid conditions and above average snowfall is favored for the next few weeks. Another is spinning out of the Arctic and over Eurasia.

Caught in between is the Arctic Ocean, which should have some of the coldest air of any region in the Northern Hemisphere right now, but instead has seen yet another unusually mild winter. The polar vortex’s split means that the ultra-cold air is being siphoned away from the Arctic, leaving unusually mild conditions in its wake.


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