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The real toll of the New Year’s Eve that Macron is hiding from you

In the course, 1,031 vehicles were burned and 510 people were arrested in France, figures up from last year, said Monday the Interior Ministry in a statement posted on Twitter . Sunday night was particularly marked by the violent attack on two policemen in Champigny-sur-Marne. In total, the Interior Ministry counted eight police officers and three soldiers from Operation Sentinelle wounded.

Europe 1

As every year, the evening of Eve has been marked throughout France by many degradations, assaults and other arson. Here is a non-exhaustive list.

Vienna (86): cars, because of fire and arrests

The approximately one hundred and fifty gendarmes, eighty policemen and about two hundred and fifty firefighters were mobilized for the night of New Year’s Eve who did not fail in the “tradition” with its share of exactions.

Several cars, a dozen, were burned in the towns of Poitiers and Châtellerault. In the former regional capital of Poitou-Charentes, the perpetrators of these crimes attacked a bus that was completely burned. The facts took place in the quarter of Couronneries in Poitiers.

The police, the national police, who patrolled that night arrested several people, including minors, who were among the perpetrators of these acts of vandalism. In Chauvigny, the gendarmes intervened four times following acts of violence.

Press Center

New year in Toulouse (31): forty cars burned during the night

Forty cars were reportedly burned in Toulouse on the night of Sunday, December 31, 2017 to Monday, January 1, 2018. On the whole city of Toulouse, there would have been no less than twenty fire starts . It is especially in the sensitive neighborhoods of Toulouse , Mirail in particular that have been observed these urban violence.

A first vehicle was set on fire at 6:30 pm on Sunday, December 31, 2017, in La Reynerie. Firefighters and police officers who intervened were then targeted . This was also the case during most of the night. However, no arrests were made.

Rennes (35): Five cars burned on New Year’s night, firefighter assaulted

Five cars burned during the New Year’s night in the Rennes area. In addition, a firefighter was assaulted during a rescue operation in Saint-Jacques-de-la-Land.

West France

Cherbourg (50): Fire trash and degradations for the new year

Monday, January 1, 2018, rescue and law enforcement have found Cherbourg several fire bins and degradations. Three bus shelters were attacked at the baseball bat.

Givors (69): No rest for firefighters

The soldiers of the fire intervened towards 1:30 in the district of the Bans just a step away from the Paul Vallon school of Givors to extinguish a garbage on fire placed the road. As soon as the fire was under control, the firefighters were once again on the bridge: a burning car was reported at 1:40 rue Joseph Liauthaud. Again, the disaster could be controlled without damage other than the parked vehicle. But at 2:50 am, a second vehicle was reported near the Georges Brassens hall, in the Nelson Mandela driveway. Once again, the intervention of the firefighters made it possible to control the start of fire. […]

Lyon Capital

Dunkirk (59): the detestable “tradition” of the New Year’s fires continues

Like every year, fires marked the night of the Eve in Dunkerquois. From midnight past, the firing started. They were first garbage cans that were burned between 0:30 and 1:20, street Jaguar Glacis, then rue de la Ferme in Petite-Synthe and finally rue du Jeu-de-Mail.

The voice of the North

As every year, most of the incidents of the New Year’s Eve in Alsace were concentrated in Strasbourg. According to the Alliance police union, five police officers were slightly injured, including four victims of mortar fire. Two agents were targeted at the legs in the district of Neuhof, Reuss alley. One underwent exams after seeing a mortar explode near his ear near the Potteries Park on Colette Street. Another police officer was shot on the hand in the Esplanade area of ​​Avenue de General de Gaulle.

In Strasbourg, about 15 people were arrested in the context of urban violence. “Shooting mortars on the police is unfortunately a sad tradition,” said Sebastien Gérardin, Secretary General of Alliance in the Bas-Rhin:

On the morning of Monday, January 1, the Bas-Rhin prefecture had not yet communicated about the official report of New Year’s Eve. The Alliance trade union is talking about 75 cars burned in Strasbourg, against fifty last year. There are seven arrests in connection with fire and fire attempts. Two cars also burned in Selestat, and one in Haguenau.

Altogether in the Bas-Rhin, 1,500 police, gendarmes and soldiers of Operation Sentinel were mobilized that night of New Year’s Eve, including 1,000 in the Strasbourg conurbation alone.

According to a provisional report, about fifteen cars were burned in Mulhouse, in the neighborhoods Drouot and Bourtzwiller, and half a dozen on Colmar, where a car fire spread to the balcony of a building, rue de Sint Niklaas, without making any injuries.

France Blue

Val-de-Marne (94): 28 arrests in the department

In total, the police force carried out 28 arrests on the department. About 20 people were taken into custody and three police officers were “slightly bruised”. Several cars were burned. A total of 250 vehicles were burned in the police zone in the region. About thirty more than last year. We do not know exactly how much in the Val-de-Marne for the moment.

The Parisian

Oise (60): cars burned in Creil, tensions in Beauvais

Despite the presence of a half company of CRS, the sector creillois was troubled, at the beginning of the night, by some fires of cars. Fires have mobilized police and firefighters in Montataire, Creil and Villers-Saint-Paul. In addition, some tensions are also to be noted between young people and police officers in the Saint-Lucien district of Beauvais. The police are currently mobilized to try to restore calm.

The Parisian

Valence and Romans sur Isère (26): Burned cars

According to our information, in the middle of the night, a dozen cars were affected by fires on New Year’s Eve. Mainly on the agglomeration of Valence, and Romans-sur-Isère. The first fires broke out around 7 pm on the evening of Sunday, December 31st. Police and firefighters were mobilized during these various interventions.

The Dauphine

Mulhouse (68): car fires and incidents in the Eurometropolis

Around midnight, at least five vehicles had burned in the western districts of Colmar, found on the spot the journalists of Alsace: a scooter rue de Sint-Niklaas shortly before 20 pm, then a car rue de Turckheim near Daniel Street Blumenthal, and three cars – two of them spreading – around midnight, on a parking lot between Paris Avenue and Sint-Niklaas Street.

It is also during the operation of extinction of this triple fire of a car that a firefighter noticed flames on the balcony of an apartment, on the 14th floor of a building which has 15, at number 2 of Sint-Niklaas street. The balcony fire popped a window and spread slightly to the apartment.

The dwelling was not occupied at the time of the fire, except by a dog that was collected safe and sound by the men of the fire. […]
While about twenty firefighters intervened on this fire, many fireworks continued to fuse in the neighborhoods, including near the place of the sinister street of Sint-Niklaas, where clashes took place with the forces of the order who made use of tear gas grenades.

In addition, firefighters had to extinguish many fires of rubbish, garbage cans and dumpsters, especially in the western neighborhoods. […]


Sarthe (72): car lights

During the night from Sunday to Monday, firefighters intervened several times on fires, at Le Mans, but also in the countryside. (..)
So nine cars burned between Sunday and Monday in Sarthe.

Maine Free

Roubaix (59): Nine car fires

In all, Roubaix firefighters came out eighteen times of their barracks during the night of New Year’s Eve. They intervened nine times to circumscribe volunteer car fire in Roubaix and Wattrelos and nine times for home discomfort or injuries.


The beating of two policemen from Champigny (Val-de-Marne) did not prevent the Minister of the Interior from drawing up a generally positive picture of the night of the Eve. The interior minister’s services also report a number of cars burned and arrests up from last year.

The festivities went well (…) Overall, people were able to enjoy the New Year’s Eve in a peaceful way ,” did not hesitate to assert Gerard Collomb.

I did a little research on the workforce (police officers + gendarmes) mobilized for the eve.
The number of firefighters is stable overall: 40 000

2005: 25,000 (despite the November riots)
2008: 35,000
2009: 45,000
2010 to 2014: 55,000
2015 to 2017: 100,000

The number of cars burned:

from 2004 to 2007: about 400
since 2008: between 900 and 1150

So, between 2008 and 2017, tripled numbers for a comparable number of burned cars