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The Rendlesham Forest UFO Incident – What Happened?

If you’re interested in UFOs, you probably know about the Rendlesham Forest incident, where multiple UFOs were claimed to be spotted near a military base in England. Some people who’ve researched this subject are convinced it was a genuine sighting of multiple unidentified objects, while others aren’t so sure.

With all of the UFO sightings we’ve had (and continue to have daily), it can be difficult to determine what’s genuine, what’s a hoax, and what’s a simple misunderstanding or misinterpretation. There are plenty of hoaxers out there who are willing to fake a sighting, but the potential authenticity of the Rendlesham incident stands out for a few reasons, one of which is that the witnesses were all credible military men.

For those of you who are unaware of the events that took place in the Rendlesham forest in December 1980, I’d like to examine an account of it in hopes of understanding, as clearly and coherently as possible, what happened.

The accounts of otherwise regular officers about the strange glowing lights they saw makes it an interesting encounter that’s worth some attention, and you’re encouraged to formulate your own opinion instead of immediately believing or discrediting it. In my view, these events let the sleepy public know that our reality’s nothing like we think it is, and in any moment, something amazing can happen that we don’t expect – even if it’s debunked later.

First, Crystalinks gives us a summary of the Rendlesham Forest incident.



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