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The Rise of the Luciferian State

When you see this picture, what is it that you think of?

Do you think of ancient rituals?

Does seeing this cause you to think of the old religions and cultures?

when you see this statue is it human sacrifice more specifically children sacrifices that come to mind?

Leviticus 18:21 “And thou shalt not let any of thy seed pass through the fire to Molock, neither shalt thou profane the name of thy God: I am the LORD.”

This is a very dark verse. Why did God put this warning in the Bible?

Do you know that the ancients would conduct human and child sacrifices being with the human body and head of the bull?

Do you know that the modern image of Molock is an owl?

The ancient people who worshiped Molock live in an area that was referred to as Canaan, the levant or the Mediterranean. Molock was worshiped in Rome, Carthage, Greece, the entire Mediterranean area.

It is known that in the times of old, Molock and was considered the king of the gods and it is believed that Baal, the bull god was a prince god of Molock.

We know from historical writings that these people worship their king God via sacrifice. They would sacrificed many things to Molock, some would being food, physical possessions, animals and even their own children.

See, Molock is a blood thirsty god and the people were known for sacrificing their own babies and children to Molock.

Actually, there is an account that happened in Carthage where 200 boys were sacrificed and killed in the name of Molock. Thousands of children’s skeletons have been discovered.

The Roman historian Diodorus and other ancient historians gave graphic accounts of Carthaginian child sacrifice: “There was in their city a bronze image of Cronus, extending its hands, palms up and sloping towards the ground, so that each of the children when placed thereon rolled down and fell into a sort of gaping pit filled with fire.”

Diodorus even said that some citizens who bought children from poor people and reared them specially for sacrifice believed misfortunes had resulted because they had not sacrificed their own offspring.




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