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The Russian army receives a “rifle” that will deactivate drones

With its “bullets” -impulsants, it will also disable the channels of the drones and their cameras. “Stupor” is charging as mobile phones: it can also be from an electric network, and it can also be via car batteries
MAIN Scientific Research Center of the RF Ministry of Defense for robotics has made an electromagnetic “gun”, which he named “Stupor”, and is intended for disabling unmanned aircraft.

One “Stupor” was seen these days at a military exhibition in Kubinka Condom Moscow “Army-2017”.

“Stupor” will also be able to use dunes on both land and sea – within the limits of “direct visibility”. In other words, it will disable unmanageable devices that can be spotted and followed by the naked eye.

“Bullets” fired from this “rifle” will disable the cans of drowning because they will lose contact with their operators, go into the phase of uncontrolled flight and fall.

“Stupor” will be the most efficient in a two kilometer radius.

With their “bullets” -impulses, they will also disrupt the drones.

“Stupor” is charged as mobile phones: it can also come from an electric network, and it can also be via car batteries.

Users of this “rifle” will be warned not to shoot people, planes and helicopters (rifting and landing), cars and animals.

“Stupor” was also held by the Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu at the exhibition.

He also visited the Pavilion “Kalashnikov” at the same exhibition, and showed a special interest in his “combat module”, made with the use of neural network technologies.

This module is fully automated and thanks to its “neural networks” I recognize goals and make decisions.

“Neural networks” are able to act not only in accordance with the predetermined algorithm, but also on the basis of their own experiences.

This module will enter serial production in 2018.


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