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The Secret Occult Life Of Jane Mansfield



With the release of the films Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter, The Girl Can’t Help It, The Wayward Bus, and Playgirl After Dark Jayne Mansfield took America and the world by storm as the most celebrated and renowned actress of the silver screen. In the three years since Mansfield made her debut on Broadway, she had become the most celebrated and controversial actress in a decade. As America’s reigning platinum blonde, her publicity exceeded that of even Elizabeth Taylor. Mansfield appeared on the covers of more than 500 magazines throughout her lifetime. Her image as the new ‘Queen of Sex’ was notorious not only around the nation but also around the world. In 1960 she topped all press polls for more words about her in print than anyone else in the world. In fact, the worlds press awarded Jayne the title of “World’s No. 1 Sex Symbol.”

At a time when most of the nation was still somewhat conservative, she attempted to do all in her power to liberate men and women from the moralities that governed them. Her movies sought to exploit sexuality in new and risqué ways considered perverse in the 50’s and 60’s. She was one of the first to break the taboo of no nudity in her films, which became the forerunners for the ‘swinging sex films’ of the 1970’s. What few people realize is that Jayne Mansfield was a full-blown Satanist who worshipped the Devil and relied upon his power for her success. Appropriately, her image graces the cover of Satanist Kenneth Anger’s Hollywood Babylon, which documents the web of depravity found in the movie industry.

Before becoming a disciple of Anton LaVey, Mansfield held a strong interest in the supernatural. According to May Mann, Mansfield’s best friend of 12 years, Mansfield pursued astrology, religious cults, was fascinated with Satanism and the occult, and engaged in bizarre behavior such as wandering around graveyards and cemeteries.


Anton Szandor with Jane Mansfield
Anton Szandor with Jane Mansfield

Following an introduction to LaVey’s Church of Satan, Mansfield insisted on meeting him. Upon their meeting, Mansfield came to embrace all of the Satanic doctrines, as well as pledged membership to the Church of Satan. Mansfield had a custom pink and black Baphomet medallion made for her, and as an avid promoter of Satanism even wore it to the 1966 San Francisco Film Festival. Mansfield’s perseverance and determination within the Church soon escalated her to the position of High Priestess. This honor came with a certificate that she had framed and proudly hung in her bedroom. To compliment her occult studies, she also enveloped herself in witchcraft and black magic.



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