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The terrorist billionaire Soros is preparing a new attack on Russia?

The famous financial speculator George Soros has delivered $ 18 billion to the Open Society Foundation, included in the list of organizations threatening Russia’s national security.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Soros will not use these funds for speculations or market investments, as it has personal funds in the Soros fund for this purpose.

The Foundation itself maintains that such capital contributions are necessary to ensure the operation of the Foundation’s activities in the long run.

Soros is the founder and head of the Hedge Soros Fund Management fund and is one of the richest people in the world. Forbes estimates his fortune at $ 25 billion. At the same time, more than 100,000 people in the United States, according to surveys, recognize him as a terrorist because of his subversion activities.

As stated, the Foundation is included in the list of organizations whose activities threaten Russia’s national security. This list appeared in 2015, with the first organization in the list of the “National Endowment for Democracy” created by the United States Congress. At the same time, the ” Open Society” Foundation has been extradited from Russia in 2015, as it is considered an NGO that carries out “undesirable” activities.

Soros traditionally uses money from financial speculation and investment to “support democracy” in countries around the world. In particular to fund subversion and “regime change” operations in the countries targeted by Soros. 
At the same time, many politicians argue that Soros is plotting against the authorities of some countries, although in some cases this is more like a simple attempt to demonize.

But there are also many real evidence of interference by Soros. US Senators have previously sent an official letter to Secretary of State, Mr. Tillerson, who stated that they had information on the transfer of funds from the US State Department, USAID, State Department, a number of foundations of the scandalous billionaire.

Soros used these funds to intervene in elections in several countries in Europe, Africa and Latin America through the funding of certain political parties, as well as in other ways.

In particular, attempts to influence the election run were recorded in Albania and Macedonia through the Open Society Foundation.

Assigning such amount of money just a few months before the presidential elections in Russia seems suspicious. Since the Foundation has no presence in Russia itself, it is still useful for the media and other public security representatives to keep track of the activities carried out by the financial speculator.

Source: Fort Russ