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The Twisted Message Behind Viktoria Modesta’s “Prototype”

Viktoria Modesta is a singer who had her left leg amputated below the knee in 2007. The video “Prototype” uses that disability send out a twisted message to the viewers. No, the video is not about “empowerment”. It is about exact opposite: The elite’s control over the masses and the entertainment industry.


Viktoria Modesta is the new face of Channel 4’s “Born Risky” campaign, which is basically an attempt to be daring and shocking with themes such as disabilities and homosexuality. The British television broadcaster paid more than £200,000 to play a shortened version of Viktoria Modesta’s video Prototype during the X Factor final, reaching more than 10 million viewers. It then became a viral sensation. The video was marketed as a “cure” to the “painfully dull manufactured pop” of X Factor. Apparently, that “cure” is to produce the same crap produced by every other pop artist … but with a prosthetic leg that’s pointy … and sometimes shiny. So groundbreaking.

Channel 4 is actually another arm of the ugly monster that is mass media. All marketing buffs know that young people like things that are rebellious, so the people behind Modesta packaged the same insipid pop we’ve been hearing for years as being revolutionary. Behind that “rebellion” is a twisted way to push the elite’s ongoing agenda. It is indeed in perfect continuity with the themes often discussed on this site: The promotion of transhumanism, the police state, mind control of artists, media propaganda and so forth.

However, most people will be distracted by Modesta’s pointy leg. And if someone dares question her “modest” talent, those who are drowning in political correctness reply: “How dare you criticize her? Can’t you see she’s differently abled? That means that everything she does is good. And courageous. And uplifting. I am so inspired by her right now. Wow.”



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