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The Untouchable Reptilian Race – It Goes Deeper Than You Ever Expected


Regarding the breaking of glass comments? ‘Enough With The Complaining Already!!” 🙂 You think the breaking glass is bad?
Two wolves? How about someone interpret that a little more clearly? When it comes to your beliefs or pleasures? Which part of you be more want to protect them or stand up for them, and how does that part of you react when protecting or standing up for your beliefs or pleasures? Your primal instinct side, where you yell, rage, shout, threaten, accuse and rant in anger? Or your intelligent side that speaks clearly, calmly, and collectively? You see, there is a difference in the two, and that difference, if one is not aware of it, can be detrimental to ones state of mental, and physical health (as well, to others around that one),, as no one enjoys a rabid dog that knows not it is (as per many comments below will reveal). Realize what`s motivating you before you do it.


Watch Video here..


We’re more smarter than a bunch of pyramid building Egyptian slaves who only seemed to focus on sex, violence, movie stone, bread, and drug addiction, aren’t we? Look into history to see how sex has been used to keep the human a primal animal. Nothing has changed in the evolving thinking patterns of humans in over 3000 to 5000 years? (if that’s human? 3000 to 5000 years later? I think I’m gonna be sick. I thought we were smarter than that, as a species).

They’re triggering the beast in the human via means of subjecting it to severe amounts of sexual content in their entertainment.. but who are they? In the old days? One had to buy a porno magazine for that. People… so darned innocent, it’s rather a tritely human part I forgive.
Have adults become so self centered that they care not for the amount of pornographic content that is forever consuming more of the air time in the mediums of entertainment? TO the point where they don’t care about the side effects of such content being aired ‘directly in front of children, in the content in the very shows they watch?’ I can’t agree with that and wish I had more bottles to smash.” I’m not a religious person, however, I know wrong when I see it (get over the breaking bottle, and accept it the same way you do all those bullets and machine guns firing in your media content).
Talk about this video, and what is going on out there. Or just be quiet and wait till it happens to you, or someone close to you. Okay, the breaking glass thing goes like this: “It’s like the guy is laughing in your face, every time, and breaking a bottle to threaten you with it, every time to keep silent (he fixes things?).” He wears a shirt that says: “I eat people.”How does a guy get the word out, to the public, ‘of the likes of this guy, ‘to a larger growing audience, of learning for the first time, public?’ By using the glass breaking to it’s fullest potential. You just know people are complaining about it to their friends and they’re coming to watch ‘this video’ with the continually breaking glass….while, at the same time, learning about the likes of this guy and how they always hide behind or right beside the elite (like fleas on a dog), for the mere want of prey / victims. My bad?

The craziest thought is: Vampires exist? Who would live to prove that? Reptilians? Again, same question. Who could see to it that plans are play out ‘to the order, and correctly’ over hundreds of years? A human? Really? Countries fall in less time than the span of one human life.
It is where the research is leading, it is going on and awareness ‘is key.’ Is it an actual force, or energy, or different life force feeding off the frequencies, influencing and manipulation of human beings, and are humans aware of such when it begins and is occurring? Reptilians? Why? For frequency output. Did Savile ever lose the title of ‘Sir?’ Savlie’s customers still buy children but, now, from someone else. Made for content, critique, comment and intrigue. What is a reptilian? Jimmy Savile, do your research and see what the name reveals. When it comes to a Reptilian race? It sure sounds like a cult that acts like one, if not a real one, actually exists. What do you think? They’ll use guilty by association against you ‘in any court of law.’ Figure out the rest after watching this video, and leave your opinion below. The case is now in your hands.