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The “Viral” KENZO World Ad Actually Celebrates Illuminati Mind Control

Directed by industry veteran Spike Jonze, the new KENZO World ad is loaded with Illuminati mind control symbolism and ends with a weird tribute to the All Seeing Eye. Are they selling a perfume … or celebrating the occult elite’s system?

Ranking up millions of views in a couple of weeks, the Spike Jonze-directed KENZO ad quickly reached “viral” status and received widespread praise in mass media. Lauded for its “super cool” choreography, the ad features Margaret Qualley engaging into what appears to be a mix of dancing, having a seizure and being possessed by a demon – all at the same time. The four-minutes long ad ends with a scene that makes one say: “They’re really putting their Illuminati symbolism right in our faces, aren’t they?”. Yet most people still do not see it.


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