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The World of Globalism, the Galaxy of Slavery

“Try looking at the world as a giant three-volume science fiction novel. Organizations of stupefying complexity rule the scene. There is an upside to this. You can gain a much deeper understanding of the archetype of the Rebel against the system.” (The Underground, Jon Rappoport) “What’s that you said?

‘We gave away our power?’ We? What ‘we’ is that? Did I miss a big meeting in the desert where we all got together and gave it away? Who are you anyway? A PR man for the Syndicate? There is no ‘we.’ Not until there’s an ‘I.’ Didn’t you learn that in Depro 101? Search this man. He’s either a dupe or an agent.” (Colossus Fortune, Jon Rappoport) I’ve been chipping away and drilling the rock of Globalism for some years now (Archive::Globalist).

At times, connections between my various investigations seemed uncertain, but eventually the picture swam into view. Medically caused death and destruction. Toxic drugs. Toxic vaccines. Genetically modified food plants and their poisonous pesticides. International trade treaties. Manufactured unemployment.

The pseudoscience of psychiatry. Political and media dupes. The art of group propaganda. Indoctrination and lowered IQ through education. Television mind control. Banking. Wall Street. Technocracy. And dozens more subjects. The carrier of the Globalist world was chosen at the end of World War 2. It already existed, of course.

But now it was seen as the prime instrument: The mega-corporation. Control of land, resources, labor. No other type of organization would be as efficient at mounting this operation. Governments tuned themselves to a harmonic convergence with the colossus. Wars for the corporation. Population control for the corporation. Judiciaries for the corporation.