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The world’s population buys one million plastic bottles every single minute

We’re drowning in plastic bottles. New statistics released by The Guardian reveal that humans purchase one million plastic bottles every minute – and that adds up to nearly 500 billion bottles a year. While it’s true many of these bottles can be recycled, it’s becoming harder to keep up with the sheer volume of trash that needs recycling, and a great deal of it ends up polluting our oceans.

In 2016 humans bought over 480 billion plastic water bottles. But that’s only the beginning of the bad news. Less than half of those 480 billion bottles were collected for recycling. And a mere seven percent of those found a second life as new bottles. What happened to the rest? You guessed it: they’re littering our oceans and landfills. And estimates from Euromonitor International indicate their use will only increase, to 583.5 billion by 2021.



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