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Third Google Executive Dies Within Three Years, What Is Going On?

There seems to be something about the secrecy that is surrounding the deaths of yet another Google executive, as it was reported that he was run down by a taxi in Cannes, France. He is now the third top executive to die in the last three years. 

What’s even more strange, is that Google has refused to release the executives name or even the details of the incident because of “respect for the family” who are now travelling to France.

Earlier this year, Dan Fredunburg, who was the head of privacy for Google X, died after an avalanche on Mount Everest which was the result of an earthquake in Nepal in late April this year.  Neon Nettle also reported that the Nepal’s earthquake warnings were ignored.

Back in 2013, Another Google Exec – Forrest Timothy Hayes was found dead on board his Yacht in Santa Cruz, California. It was reported that he died of a Heroin overdose which was given to him by a prostitute Alix Tichelman, who has now pleaded guilty.

There seems to be secrecy surrounding the deaths – could it mean that Google do not want to play ball with the NSA?  Back in November 2013, Google publicly challenged the legality of NSA spying. Eric Schmidt condemned the US Government’s alleged spying on the Google servers saying it was “outrageous” and potentially illegal.

Edward Snowden the former NSA employee turned Whistleblower , had started a global debate about mass surveillance bringing the general conduct of practices of the NSA to the attention of the public. His recent demands for clemency from he US government where stepped up adding “to tell the truth is not a crime”.


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