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‘This is his job:’ Peskov on Russian ambassador’s contacts with Trump administration officials

There is nothing special in the Russian ambassador discussing bilateral ties with some members of Donald Trump’s electoral campaign team, the Russian president’s spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, told CNN, stressing that the diplomat was just doing his job.
The Russian ambassador to the US, Sergey Kislyak, talked to Trump campaign team members and future US administration officials “about the bilateral relations and… about what was going on in the United States” to provide Moscow with a better understanding

He also noted that “every ambassador of Russia abroad” works just like “every ambassador of the US abroad, including [the one] in Moscow, because the more ambassador talks to people in his country of residence, the better job he does.”

Peskov also said that the Russian ambassador held conversations with some members of Hillary Clinton’s campaign team. “If you look at some people connected with Hillary Clinton during her campaign, you would probably see that he had lots of meetings of that kind,” he said.

At the same time, he underscored that the envoy has never spoken with any US officials about the electoral process. “It should be in no way perceived as interference in the electoral process,” Peskov said.

On Monday, Peskov told CNN that Moscow does not have “the slightest intention” to play any role in US internal affairs, including in its presidential elections. He went on to say that the anti-Russian narrative, which certain US media and officials continue to peddle, is stirring up “hysteria” that is “doing lots of harm to the

derstanding of the situation on the ground, Peskov said in part of an interview with CNN released on Saturday.


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