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Thousands of mysterious snowballs wash up in waves on a Maine lake


‘It was extremely interesting and even awe-inspiring in way words can’t really describe,’ he told ABC News.

Allen was originally in the area to take photos of artwork he made nearby, but soon turned to the lake when he noticed the amazing sight.

Though the balls look icy and hard in the video Allen posted to Facebook, when he grabbed a couple out of the water, they had a different texture.

‘I fished out a couple of the balls, and sure enough, they broke apart and were very slushy, definitely not ice,’ he wrote on Facebook.  ‘The area where this was shot had a small stone jetty that acted as a catch and prevented the balls from continuing on down the shoreline.’

It seems to me, that this had a lot to do with the snow from the storm somehow accumulating in this way, in this very particular spot,’ he added.

He said his best guess as to why the snowballs were forming was the combination of low temperatures and high winds.