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THOUSANDS of ‘witches’ imprisoned for years in huge witchcraft prison camps in Ghana

A BRITISH diplomat is calling for the closure of camps in Ghana where THOUSANDS of women are imprisoned after being accused of WITCHCRAFT.

Hundreds of women are living in poor conditions in the five camps in the north of the country after being accused of dabbling in the occult by superstitious neighbours and even their own families.

Now the British High Commissioner to Ghana, Jon Benjamin, is calling for the camps to be closed. He told a meeting in Ghana last month, “Personally, I believe in the 21st Century, it’s time to say there is no such thing as a witch and to decry the practice of using such a term to dehumanise vulnerable women.”

He added that the witch camps — each one holding around 800 women and up to 500 children — were “a form of human right abuse and must be kicked against by all and sundry so as to create a safe environment for development”.


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