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Tony Blair to advise Serbian government, 16 years after bombing Belgrade



Blair will counsel Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic under a deal thought to be funded by United Arab Emirates

Tony Blair is being paid to advise the Serbian government, it has emerged, despite being one of the leading proponents in NATO’s bombing campaigns against Belgrade during the Kosovo War.

Under a deal believed to be funded by the United Arab Emirates, Mr Blair will counsel Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic, who was minister of information at the time of the 1999 bombing campaign against the former Yugoslavia.

Mr Vucic was once such an outspoken critic of the British politician that he was listed as an editor of a book titled English Gay Fart Tony Blair.

However, now Mr Vucic and Mr Blair appear to be business partners, under a contract sealed by Blair’s private consultancy to set up a “delivery unit”, Serbian sources told The Guardian.

Delivery units are about helping governments to reform sectors such as as health, education, crime, rule of law, the economy, and infrastructure, according to Tony Blair Associates (TBA).


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